Hotel Soul Good (2018)

Chrissie Chau

Hong Kong CN Entertainment DVD edition

Text below written 2020-08-11

An unusual Hong Kong supernatural comedy that starts out almost like a slapstick then turns into some romance, then into a melodrama
about reincarnation, a strange mix perhaps. Only so-so entertaining but interesting as i always am interested into such esoteric stuff as
Buddhism, incarnation and Chinese mythology about the Underworld and the fearsome guardians of Hell.

In this odd comedy lost souls or ghosts are catched and taken away to the netherworld by Ox-Head and Horse Face, but here they are
two friendly young guys who likes to drink beer and who easily can be bribed by money and a Shunji Iwai Box to let a trio of ghosts to
return to our world. The Demons of the underworld, i think Takashi Miike had one of them in one of his last great films, the 2003 Gozu.

Ox-Head and Horse-Face

The very stern hotel executive manager Katy Chow (Chrissie Chau) has an accident on the street after bickering with an old lady vendor
and when she wakes up in a hospital she can see dead people. They are everywhere and three of them follows her home to her apartment.
They are Buckteeth Fred (Eric Kot), Uncle Bill (Richard Ng, the veteran actor seen in many classic Jackie Chan films during the Golden
era of HK filmmaking) and Yan (Maggie Shaw) and what do they want from her?

Katy is fired from her job as hotel manager but meets Jordan (Louis Cheung) also with a Third Eye, the ability to see ghosts, and they
bicker a lot and couldn't possibly be a love couple at the end, could they? With the help of the friendly ghost trio they manage a guest-
house - Be4 I Die and soon the rumour of the guesthouse being haunted draws a lot of guests.
Yes, an odd comedy for sure and not very good i suppose, but the Incarnation and Guardian demons stuff interested me somewhat.

CN Enterteainment LTD presents the film in anamorphic widescreen 2.39:1 with an cantonese audio DD 5.1 with english subtitles,
region free, extras a Making of featurette, a trailer and a photo gallery


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