Hotel Fear (Pensione Paura, 1976)

US Mondo Macabro Blu-ray edition - region all


An interesting setting for a drama-giallo, a hotel by a lake somewhere in Italy at the end of WW2 with the sound of bomber planes passing
over the village. The Hotel is run by a young woman, possibly a teenager even, Rosa (Leonora Fani) and her mother Marta (Lidia Biondi).
They have a hard time running the hotel with food for their guest being hard to find, with no money and with Rosa's father gone missing in
the war. Also, their guests are a strange and not very pleasant bunch. An evil old lady (Jole Fierro) and her gigolo lover Rodolfo (a slimeball
played by Luc Merenda against type, not his usual tough Poliotteschi cop), a pervert with his two whores, a bald man getting on everybody's
nerves telling them over and over again of his grief getting his family killed in the war, and who's the man Marta hides up in the attic ?

When Marta is found dead at the bottom of the staircase with a broken neck (did someone shove her ?) poor Rosa tries to run the hotel all by
herself (yeah, and with the no use old handyman Alfredo who's a drunkard) but finds it very hard to get some food in the village. Even the
supposedly good village Vicar wants to exploit her for sex before giving her food. Then Rodolfo gets involved with fascist thugs and a
diamond theft scheme (from the old Countess lady), and this interesting drama turns into a Giallo thriller, when people start to die.

The film is presented in 1.66:1 ratio with Italian or Spanish audio DTS-HD MA mono with english subtitles. Region ALL
Extras: Audio commentary with Rachael Nisbet & Peter Jilmstad, Interview with Francesco Barilli "Madness in the Time of War" (30 minutes,
italian with subs, 2022), Interview with Luc Merenda "I'm Not that Guy" (29 minutes, italian with subs, 2022), Francesco Barilli at CineExess
London 2015 (28 minutes), Italian and Spanish versions compared, Trailer


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