Horrible High Heels (Yan pei go jang haai, 1996)

Hong Kong Panorama Corporation Ltd. 2020 DVD edition

Law Kwai-Ying


Infamous Cat. III horror
that has to be seen to be believed. Trashy, violent and sleazy beyond belief and with no less than three
directors involved making it - Chen Wei-An, Chow Cheng and Mao Chiang-Pang (or something like that, not sure about the spelling).
This film is so BAD and so SICK that it can be seen as a Black Comedy. Great film (Not) but great FUN it was for sure.

A film couldn't possibly be more .... Un-Appropriate than this in the world of today. The filmmakers would surely be chased out of the
USA if they tried to make this film in Hollywood. "Horrible High Heels" is primitive HK exploitation from the 1990s, but .... if they
made this in a more arty way with comedy, satire and with body fluids and close-ups of male genitals it could blend in with the Gaspar
Noé type of filmmakers and be shown at film festivals and met with thunderous applauds from architect students.

The Story: Uncle Kang Lee owns a small shoe manufacturing company and he runs it with the help of Sherry (Law Kwai-Ying) who he
regards as his daughter. She's very able and keeps things going smoothly. At the factory works also Wong (Leung Sam-Wing), Ree
(Yue Shut-Man) and his girlfriend May, and the son of the owner. Tien Lee (Lam Chak-Ming) lives there too, and Sherry's in love with
him secretely but he has a slutty girlfriend already, Wendy (Suen "Nude-a-Lot" Tong).

Above: Picture card included with DVD

Wong is involved with criminals (whose leader is obsessed with soft leather shoes) and a perp knocks out Uncle Lee and chops him
into pieces, skins him and makes fine leather out of him. The shoes made from this "new high quality" leather is a success and all
are sold immediately. Tien's girlfriend Wendy and Sherry doesn't like each other very much and after a Catfight between them
Sherry talks to Wong. Soon a maniacally laughing masked perp rapes and chops up Wendy too in some unhinged scenes.

Soon, both Wong and Ree have a go at raping Sherry, and at the end this film turns into another film when Tien Lee is going for
revenge on Wong and the gangsters (for killing his girlfriend and turning her into shoes). Now also two police women (one played
by Taiwanese female fighter star Hsiao-Lao Lin) joins the shoot-out and turn this film into a Girl with Guns flick.
Oh, forgot to say that the bumbling police Captain is played by also Taiwanese, Dick Wei, something of a Kung Fu legend and he
does do some short but nice fighting too. So, this film consists mainly of:

1. Non-Consensual sex 2. Consensual sex 3. Dismembering Gore 4. Shoot-out and some fighting

The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen in Cantonese audio (or dubbed mandarin) 2.0 with english subtitles, trailer, region 3


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