High Flash (2018)

Taiwan CatchPlay 2019 edition DVD edition

Text below written 2019-11-23

A Taiwanese pollution thriller where a Petrochemical company are accused of dumping industrial waste.
The film starts in a village at the seas with fishermen protesting against the company and it's pollution of the sea and the neighbourhood
and with a local fisherman Mr. Kang setting himself on fire in a burning boat.

The media goes wild and Mr. Kang turns into a national hero and the company has to temporarily shut down to fulfill environmental cravings.
Forensic professor Chou Chien Sheng is assigned to examine the burnt body, and his ex-girldriend prosecutor Jin Mia Zhao is handling the
investigation of Mr. Kang's death. Did someone stage the self-burning ? There was a depressing feel bad scene that made me feel down

This film is presented in widescreen 2.35:1 and with a mandarin audio 5.1 DD with english subtitles. No extras

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