He Never Died (2015)

US Vertical Entertainment DVD

Text below written 2016-04-14

An original and great take on the Undead Demonry Horror saga that feels really fresh in comparison with the
myriads of rotten teeny bop TV series and lousy CGI infested films on the undead theme that pollutes the Ether.
Maybe it was the popular teenage TV show Buffy The Vampire Slayer that started this unfortunate trend with
young demons with sixpacks for girls to fantasize about .... OK, to be fair, the lovely Sarah Michelle Gellar was
surely fodder for many boy's (and some elder mens) fantasies too, but she wasn't a demon was she? A Demon
should be evil and scary or .... interesting. Later, also the great Vampire genre was destroyed by the teenage
soft-pornography peddlers with the awful Twilight saga.
A true vampire, that's a spanish ex-wrestler in a black cape causing some bad anemia among women in the
villages of the Roumanian wilderness, or it could be the slimy Max Shreck, old Bela or Hammer's Christopher.

Not so in this interesting indie horror drama and crime-action with a GREAT Henry Rollins in the main role as
Jack. He may be undead but he's for sure no cute young hunk. Jack is a middle-aged tired man that just wants
to be left alone, to sleep, to visit his favourite diner and sometimes to play some Bingo. He's the quiet type.

But, nothing's copacetic for Jack as he's constantly harassed by the local small-time gangsters.
They pepper spray him, they beat him, they shoot him but he couldn't care less and the Mob intelligentsia just
won't take the hint. Jack's problems gets worse when he suddenly also has to take care of his 19 year old
daughter Andrea (Jordan Todosey) and the only person that takes an interest in him is the diner waitress Cara
(nicely played by the likeable Kate Greenhouse). When will Jack loose his temper and deal with his tormentors?

This film is ALL about Henry Rollins, the musician (Black Flag, Henry Rollins Band), author, TV- and radio host,
and actor etc. and he carries this film on his shoulders. He's great as the life weary Jack and his everyday, ordinary
life as a Demon with unwanted eruptions of violence is interesting to watch. A Fine indie effort and an inspired telling
of Demonry, a normally cliché-ridden genre subject.
anamorphic wide, 5.1 english audio with english subtitles, only extra a trailer

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