Hatchet for the Honeymoon
(Il Rosso segno della Follia / Red Wedding Night /
Una Hacha para la luna de miel /
Blood Brides/ The Red Sign of Madness,1969-1970

German Wicked Vision 2020 Blu-ray edition - Region B


Psycho Horror Giallo
with lovely colors and beautifully shot by Il Maestro Mario Bava
and I found it to be somewhat better when watching it in 2023 than my previous viewings
of a French SECAM video cassette in the 1980's or of the old US Image Entertainment
DVD edition. The Soundtrack by Sante Maria Romitelli and with an introduction in
english by Dagmar Lassander.

This German Blu-ray comes with a rare audio commentary in german AND with english
subtitles by a Pelle Felsch, and he's very good in making his only 1st commentary.
I would love listening to more audio commentaries by him.

Above: The old US Image Entertainment DVD edition

The film starts with a train murder where a perp breaks into a train wagon
and kills a woman and a man with a meat cleaver.
The killer is John Harrington (Stephen Forsythe) and he narrates to us,
the viewers, that he's a madman, something no-one could guess, and that
he owns a Fashion House and has killed 5 women. He has inherited the
business from his mother and it specializes in wedding gowns and such.

Mildred (played very well by Laura Betti) is his wife and even though
they hate each other she refuses to give him a divorce. Just as with Cameron
Michell and Eva Bartok in "Blood and Black Lace" she's the one with the
money. A Fashion House, dresses, dead models and lush colors - Yes,
this could well be the B version of Bava's 1964 "Blood and Black Lace".

John has a strong Fetish for wedding dresses and besides having a secret
room with mannequins/manikins wearing wedding dresses he also kills
the women he knows are about to get married, his models that is.
As, Alice (Femi Benussi) or Rosy, and whatabout Helen (Dagmar
) will she survive her modelling job and find the perp ?
Inspector Russell (Jesus Puente) investigates the case of the missing

"A Woman should live only until her wedding night. Love once ....
and then die" - that's the proud motto of John Harrington.
What about the bodies? John burns them in his garden incinerator (in
a scene that makes one think of Luis Buñuel's "The Crimes of Archibaldo
de la Cruz". The film supposedly takes place in Paris.

Film presented in widescreen 1.78:1 and with English or Italian audio
with english subtitles DTS-HD MA 2.0 mono. Region B. Extras:

Audio commentary by Pelle Felsch in german with english subtitles,
A Hatchet for Dagmar: Interview with Dagmar Lassander (25 minutes in
german with english subtitles - from the Remote, 2015),
My Dying Bride: Professor Dr. Marcus Stiglegger about the film (in german
with english subtitles - from the Remote, Original trailer, Picture galleries,
International intro and end credits


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