Harley Quinn: The Complete First Season (2019-2020)

US WB Home Entertainment 2 disc 2020 DVD edition

Ultra-Violent Comics Comedy with gore, splatter and satire and the charismatic (and cute) DC criminal Harley Quinn
in a 2 disc DVD release with all the 13 episodes from the first 2019-2020 season.

I don't know much about modern comics and i had only seen this figure Harley Quinn in some animated Batman movie on
Netflix, in the awful Live adaption and in the PC game of Batman Arkham Asylum. So i had no idea she would be like this
....is that allowed ? This was Sick, Funny and .... wonderful. Great Stuff ! Yeah, i'm a sick puppy, but she's kinda Hot too.

Disc one contains 7 episodes and Disc two 6 episodes. Presented in anamorphic wide 1.78:1 with 5.1 audio plus subs

Episode 1 - HQ is betrayed by her boyfriend The Joker, goes to Arkham Asylum where she meets and buddy up with
Poison Ivy. She finally breaks up with Joker and she wants to be the new super villain of Gotham City

Episode 2 - HQ and Ivy crashes the Bar Mitzvah of Oswald Cobblepot's son and wants respect from The Legion of Doom

Episode 3 - HQ puts together her own crew, with: Dr. Psycho, King Shark, Clayface, and the Jewish wheelchair-bound
landlord with a robot arm, plus sometimes Poison Ivy

Episode 4 - HQ needs a Nemesis for getting media coverage

Episode 5 - Poison Ivy get evicted and they need a new Lair

Episode 6 - HQ wants publicity and plans to rob Bruce Wayne and to impress The Legion of Doom

Episode 7 - HQ tries to steal a weather changing machine and frees the Super Evil baddie The Queen of Fables

Episode 8 - HQ is voted in as a member of the Legion of Doom, but Poison Ivy refuses membership

Episode 9 - Ivy needs help to destroy a polluting company, Joker tries to kill HQ and Ivy is captured

Episode 10 - HQ meets her mother and she was once a gymnast and a psychologists

Episode 11 - The crew tries to free Poison Ivy and to stop Legion of Doom from poisoning trees

Episode 12 - The Queen of Fables is killed by HQ and The Joker kills Ivy, or ?

Episode 13 - Poison Ivy re-animates HQ and kills The Joker (maybe, but probably not ?)


Harley Quinn: The Complete Second Season

US WB Home Entertainment 2 disc edition

13 episodes with more of Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and the gang

Note that this series turned woke with much of the story concerning with Quinn having sex with Poison Ivy ... or not
Yes, it sounds crazy but woke stuff is clearly very important to DC Comics and Hollywood nowadays.
I found it to be mildly distracting but the new western world is woke, so that's how it is.

Gotham City is destroyed and in chaos after the Joker Tower was destroyed at the end of Harley Quinn: Season 1 and
an earthquake trashes the city. The Mayor declares Gotham City no more being a part of the USA. So - Who's taking
over the city ? Harley Quinn ? Where's The Joker ? Where's Batman ?


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