Goodbye Mr. Loser (Xia luo te fan nao, 2015)

Hong Kong Panorama Corporation Ltd. DVD edition

Very funny Chinese romantic comedy melodrama about a sloppy middle-aged loser guy who suddenly finds himself transferred back
to his High School days and sees the chance to change his life. The first time he married the nerdy and grumpy sports girl in class but
now, the second time, he goes all in to get the cutest girl in school, and as he sings well he uses his knowledge about future Mando
Pop hits to become famous and popular. Ha, ha, he's back in 1997 but everyone in class looks like they're 35 years old and playing
teenagers. This surprise Comedy HIT movie was re-made in a Malaysian version in 2017.

So now i know, Chinese comedy works perfectly fine internationally too and it's a shame that these films aren't shown in western
cinemas and on TV, but a big Change is a coming .... finally. The massive US anti-chinese propaganda here will slowly ebb away.
The 2017 music comedy Our Shining Days (Shan guang shao nu) should've been popular everywhere in the world too, and from
Hong Kong, comedian filmmaker Stephen Chow have already broken the international barriers with his unique films.

Xia Luo (Teng Shen) is in his early middle age, about 35 years old, and he's Mr. Loser, a Nobody. He visits the wedding of Qiu Ya
(Zhi Wang) once the cutest girl in school and the wedding is also some sort of a Class reunion with everybody from his Highschool
days there. Xia Luo's married to Ma Dongmei (Li Ma) the once nerdy and bad-tempered sports girl in class in a failed and unhappy
marriage. He makes a big fool of himself, slobbers over Qiu Ya and gets deadly drunk, pukes in the toilet and collapses.

When he awakes he finds himself to be in some strange classroom, with all of his his classmates sitting at their desks looking at him.
They are all in their 30's and there are also his old nasty teacher, Mr. Wang (Yu Tian) - WTF is this ?
He thinks it must be a weird dream maybe caused by the drinking at the wedding and that he can do everything he wants before waking
up. Great! He punches the teacher and puts the classroom on fire, and when he still can't wake up he jumps from a window to end this
stubborn dream. But, No, he wakes up in a hospital bed instead and with his dead mother at his side, he's really stuck in 1997.

His mother helps him from being expelled from school (by faking a sexual assault from the principal) and never in the history of China
has there been a more terrible case of inappropriate behavior from a student. Scandalous.

Finally Xia Luo realises that he really is back in 1997 (even though he's in his mid 30's) and he takes his chance and he starts wooing
the class beauty Qiu Ya. But she's more interested in the A-student Yuan Ha (Yin Zheng) and the grumpy sports scholarship girl
Ma Dongmei (the one he married in real life, the first time) does everything she can to stop him from succeeding with Qiu Ya.
But, ha, ha, he's a good singer and he's tricky. Xia Luo sings a love song to Qiu Ya over the school speakers and he uses the music
of a future Chinese Super Hit song, but not written yet.

Will Xia Luo become a pop star using future yet unwritten songs and get the pretty girl, will he become an asshole and will he finally
wake up ? Yes, i found the illtempered sports girl Ma Dongmei to actually be prettier than Qiu Ya.
This Time Travel Romantic Comedy was great fun, funniest in the first part and more melodramatic in the second part. Recommended !
The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen with mandarine audio and english subtitles, region all, no extras.


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