Gli Esecutori (The Executors, Street People, Opium Road, The Sicilian Cross, 1976)

German Koch Media Blu-ray

OK, an italian-US co-production that takes place in San Francisco, but with an italian director, a mostly italian crew,
with lots of italian actors and a story about sicilian mobsters, so i see this film as an Eurocrime effort from Maurizio
Lucidi. Just like the GREAT Citta violenta from 1970 made by Sergio Sollima and with Charles Bronson in it ? Or ?
Yes, Gli Esecutori may be an Eurocrime but it certainly isn't great like Violent City. Maybe OK though, if your standards
are really low .... and my luckily are as i can watch the suckiest genre offering from the 1970's and be quite content as
long as it's not a mainstream movie made by some Hollywood asshole.

But i need something at least, and Stacy Keach is always enjoyable, there are some decent car scenes and a sometimes
fine soundtrack (especially at the end) from Luis Bacalov. BUT, there's a problem with Roger ...
He sucks major xxxxxx xxxx in this film. Stiff as a xxxxx and blatantly uninterested. He could've put in some effort.
He's BAD in the role as a half Sicilian mobster connected lawyer. Yeah, sure .... Roger Moore as an Italian, no, no.
But, when writing this i hear the news about Roger Moore's death, so i can't write such mean things. He was always his
own elegant ironical persona in all of his roles, including the James Bond one's. R.I.P. Roger Moore, a likeable guy.

The Story: Zzzzzzz .... Three brutal Sicilian underlings hijack an opium shipment and plan to sell it on the San Francisco
streets themselves. The mobster Don hires Ulysses (Moore) to find the culprits and Ulysses in his turn hires racer driver
Charlie (Keach) with his street connections to help him. Well, that's it.

Ulysses pretty girfriend Hannah (Loretta Persichetti) is seen much too short, and i would actually prefer to see her painting
her toe-nails or something .... take a shower maybe, yes, drool .... for an hour or so instead of having to watch dull Roger
sleepwalk around. There's a pretty enjoyable car scene when Charlie is demolishing a car on the hilly streets of San Francisco
and a very strange car-chase scene when the buddy-team of Ulysses & Charlie are following a gangster. They're suddenly
attacked by 2 huge tank-cars, just like perfectly random and there's no explanation for these tank-car drivers actions.

But, just when this film fizzles out slowly into oblivion there's a beautiful and magnificent ending theme on the soundtrack by
Luis Bacalov, easily the best thing about this film, a theme that somewhat resembles Ennio Morricones in Once Upon a Time
in the West. Slightly sentimental. Unfortunately this film doesn't work either as an Eurocrime or a Buddy movie.
Anamorphic widescreen 1.78:1, english audio DTS-HD MA 2.0, region B Blu-ray with extras a German and an English
original trailer and a Bildergalerie

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