Gehrayee (1980)

India Shemaroo edition DVD

On the sleeve: The unhappy Uma in the middle, brother Nandu at left and magic man Puttachary at the right

Text below written 2016-03-17

A Classic Bollywood horror thriller. Well made and actually (for real) very good about a young girl possessed by a
spirit. Indian ... Bollywood horror at least, often is quite enjoyable but then almost every time in a "wrong way", that is
in a "as bad as it's good way" in trashy feasts for the Bad Movie lovers. Gehrayee however is made in a non-hysterical
and non-trashy way, quite stringently told and may have inspired later films as Ramu's Phoonk and the great 13 B.

The rational and un-superstitious company entrepreneur Chennabassapa (Sriram Lagoo) gets rid of his land in Tipur and
moves into a new and modern house in Bangalore. His family consists of his wife Saroja, grown son Nandu (Anant Nag),
young teenage daughter Uma/Umakka (a great Padmini Kolhapure) and the servant Rama and everything is copacetic until
Uma starts to act strangely. She's having pains, fails in school and starts to speak in a dark frightening voice uttering strange
obscenities about things and people the family never has heard about (a bit disturbing and scary this actually). Her father
takes her to doctors for treatment including electric shocks but nothing seems to help her condition.

The family wonders what has happened to her, and don't seem to have watched the horror film classic The Exorcist, and
turns to the pandit Tantrik Puttachary (Amrish Puri) for help, and there's a well figuring here also and i wonder if japanese
Hideo Nakata have seen this film before making his blockbuster horror masterpiece Ringu ?
4:3 fullscreen with audio 5.1 hindi with english subs, songs with subs also, digitally restored copy the sleeve says

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