G Affairs (G Saat, 2018)

Hanna Chan

Hong Kong Panorama Corporation 2019 DVD edition

Text below written 2020-03-05

Art Movie Murder Mystery where everyone and everything are Ugly and Disgusting, with the exception of soulful mainland indie actress
Huang Lu, she's at least a bit likeable and pitiable in this film. What is it about these mainland actors appearing in Hong Kong films ?

They started showing up some 20 years ago (after 1997) and i remember, when watching some HK movie and seing an actor i hadn't seen
before burning up the screen with some silent fire, wondering who's that guy ... or woman? Yes, always a mainland China actor, actress.
Hong Kong actors often were hamming it up, maybe because of working in the Hyperkinetic style of the Old Hong Kong cinema?
But, on the other side of it, it was that Hyperkinetic Cinema that made me love Hong Kong film, so ... what's my point? I've no idea, i lost
my thread here, sorry, but a mix of HK and China sounds fine with Hong Kong director's and Chinese actors.

There has been some buzz surrounding this film and director Lee Cheok Pan, a new talent in the style of once Pang Ho Cheung perhaps?
The film was unpleasant with lots of unlikeable people annoying you, and also somewhat pretentious with the director trying to be edgy,
vulgar and provocative. Trying to be edgy. We've seen it before from art directors all around the world trying to be raw and real, like a
Lars von Trier or a Gaspar Noé, making a name for him/her- self. Violence, suicide, gore, fucking and ejaculations. Very exciting ....or NOT!
Grow up FFS. But I really like Noé and he has made a masterpiece of cinema, the beautiful and surprisingly tender "Enter the Void".

Huang Lu

Yeah, and ending a novel or a film with suicides are a cheap way out faking some emotional depth. It's a bad and worn cliché, BAD.
OK, besides that and the fact that i don't like pretentious artmovie asshole directors, what's good about this film then, anything ?

Yes, it's Visually interesting looking and with thanks to cinematographer Karl Tam, it's Angry and intense and with an outstanding
soulful performance from Huang Lu
. What a presence she has. The film was nominated for 6 HK film awards

G Girl Chiu Yu Ting (Hanna Chan) attends an elite school college and her father, or stepfather, Master Lung (Chapman To) is a corrupt
crime cop AND an underworld gangster boss, that uses prostitutes and murders people, including some mainland guy that he kills
because he's a mainland Chinese and therefore without any human worth ....
is this an attempt at satire or black comedy? Disgusting.
Huang Lu plays Lung's girlfriend the mainland prostitute Li Xiao-Mei and she speaks mandarin in the film (i think).

The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen with cantonese and some mandarin audio with english subtitles
Extra: some Making of featurettes, teaser and a trailer


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