The French Conspiracy (L'Attentat, 1972)

US Code Red - Kino Lorber - Studio Canal 2021 Blu-ray edition - region A

A very fine if dark and depressing political thriller about a political assassination performed by the French Security Service on
behalf of their Master, the French regime (and on behalf of their Master, the Forces that rules the world, the Banker families ?)
As the tool for their evil deed they use a morally weak leftist anti-imperialist writer, Francois Darien (played by an excellent
Jean-Louis Trintignant). Or, an EX leftist anti-imperialist writer as he has lost most of his socialist political fervour, he's tired.

A Socialist Algerian ex-minister and ex-freedom fighter (against the French oppression) in exile, Sadiel (Gian-Maria Volonte) is
the target for the French Secret Service and the Deep State, as they don't want their Algerian dictator puppet Kassar (Michel
) challenged by Sadiel. They plan to assassinate Sadiel and as a tool and a scape-goat they will use Francois Darien, a
failed writer who they label a "Loser". Darien is an old (revolutionary) friend of Sadiel and when he's arrested on fake charges
his Deep State affiliated lawyer offers Darien a way out, by doing an interview with Sadiel, and by luring Sadiel to Paris.

Sadiel stays in Geneva, Switzerland for his safety and will Darien manage to lure him to Paris to do the interview where he will
get the opportunity to explain his leftist views and plans for the new Algeria ? They also lure Sadiel with another false reason
to come to Paris, a meeting with the Algerian leader Kassar. A lamb to the slaughter ...
So, an excellent political thriller where evil wins.

Michel Piccoli plays the fascist dictator Kassar and he's EVIL and all dressed in black (like in a western) and the Secret Service
men in this film are all EVIL too. Director Yves Boisset clearly didn't like these fascist pigs very much. So .... BEWARE of the
text on the bluray sleeve, a US Kino Lorber release, which totally distorts the message of the film and describe the über evil
Deep State killers as pretty good guys doing their job, and Sadiel with his socialist views as a .... terrorist ! This even though
the director portrays him as the only good guy in this film, probably a CIA intern wrote the text. Hollywood sucks!

Yves Boisset also made the great 1977 crime thriller "Le juge Fayard dit shériff" with the talented Patrick Dewaere.
This film is presented in 1.66:1 ratio with shorter english dub version or original french audio DTS-HD MA 2.0 mono version
with english subtitles.
Region A. Soundtrack by Ennio Morricone, trailers


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