Freaks (The Monster Show/Forbidden Love/Nature's Mistress, 1932)

US Warner Brothers DVD edition

One of the most controversial and strange films in Movie History made outside of time, and the 1932 world wasn't ready for it
but re-discovered in the 1960's it gained Cult and even masterpiece status. It was banned in Great Britain and in Sweden for
decades and it was made before the 1934 US Hays Production Code, something that even made it possible to make at all.

It's a drama thriller or horror from the World of Circus, and where real physically deformed humans performs as "Freaks".
There's a famous "turning point" in the film where the "normies" the physically unblemished beautiful on the outside but cruel
circus people (Cleopatra and Hercules) becomes the Bad Guys, the ugly one's and the True freaks, and when the unlucky "ugly"
one's, the circus freaks becomes the Good Guys, the "beautiful" on the inside humans.

The beautiful on the outside trapeze artist and something of the Circus Princess Cleopatra (Olga Baclanova) marries the dwarf
Hans (Harry Earles) for his money and plans to murder him with poison with the help of her lover, the strongman Hercules
(Henry Victor), but she gets her well earned come-uppance when the circus freaks gather their forces.
There are different endings and some shot scenes are lost forever, but Cleopatra is mutilated and turned into a Human Duck
and her lover Hercules supposedly would've been castrated. One of the most unique and unusual films of all time.

The WB DVD presented the film in 4:3 fullscreen, black & white, in mono english audio. Extra a documentary, alternative ending