Fragment of Fear (1970)

UK Powerhouse Films/Columbia Pictures Blu-ray limited 3000 copies edition

If this wasn't a 1970 British psychological thriller but made down on the continent it would be a Giallo i guess, but
it has David Hemmings in it and the film starts in Italy, at the Amalfi coast and in Naples.
This film isn't that good unfortunately but it's OK. It seems that the american director drank a lot during filming.
The film is based on a crime novel by James Bingham and has murder, conspiracy and paranoia in it.

David Hemmings plays the successful author Tim Brett, famous for a novel about his ex-life as a junkie and now he's
on a vacation in Italy near Naples. At the Pompeji ruins his aunt Lucy is found murdered, beaten to death.
A nice old lady who lived for her charity work and helping criminals as a probation officer, and just who would like
to see her dead?

As the police investigation leads to nowhere Tim takes it on himself to investigate his aunties past and he, in the
vein of a giallo, starts to sleuth arund and back to England he goes. But who's the strange woman on the train giving
him a letter, what is The Stepping Stones and who has entered his apartment and recorded a message on his tape
recorder? Why won't the police believe him?

David Hemmings is good as Brett and i really like him. Maybe underrated as an actor due to his relaxed laidback style.
This film is pretty good due to him but should've been better with another director. Well, interesting it is anyway.
Presented in 1.85:1 widescreen and with english original mono audio
Extras: Paul Dehn: The Writer as auteur (14 minutes), First assistant director William P. Cartlidge on Fragment of Fear
(10 minutes), theatrical trailer, radio spots, image gallery, a booklet bwith text and pictures


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