The Fox with a Velvet Tail (La Volpe dalla coda di velluto/El Ojo del huracan, 1971)

US Mondo Macabro Blu-ray edition region A


A rich middle-aged woman, Ruth Dubois (played by the then 40 year old Argentinian actress Analía Gadé) lives at the sunny spanish
mediterranean coast in a luxury villa, where she's creates artistic pottery. She has a nice dog, the german shepherd Bernard and she's in love.
She has met the younger lover Paul (Jean Sorel) and she desperately wants to get rid of her husband Michel, something Paul also thinks is
a good idea. She wants a divorce, but everyone seems to have a plan for her, the plot thickens when Paul's friend Roland and the woman
(Rosanna Yanni) renting the bungalow stares ominously at the lovers.

The film, a spanish thriller and maybe not really a giallo ... OK, there's a black-gloved hand on the sleeve, and a giallo then, stupid me... has a
cool soundtrack and some crisp camera-work by Alejandro Ulloa. It was filmed in Girona, Catalonian Costa Brava in northeastern Spain.
Presented in widescreen 1.85:1 with an english or italian mono audio with english subs.
Extras: audio commentary with Troy Howarth, original trailer, So Sweet, So Perverse - a 25 minutes documentary with i.a. Dagmar Lassander,
Daniela Giordano and other female genre icons, alternate title sequence and an extra scene


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