The Fourth Victim (La ultima señora Anderson, 1971)

US Severin 2021 Blu-ray edition - Region A


The Great spaniard Eugenio Martín gives us a very fine Crime Mystery with not much gore and with only a few killings, but i liked it.
Very entertaining with fine actors as Carroll Baker and Michael Craig in the main roles but also the quirky "british" spanish looking cop
plus the old maid, Felicity (José Luis Lopez Vazquez and Miranda Campa) were excellent in their small parts.

Eugenio Martín made one of my favourite spanish horror films from The Golden Spanish Era of Film, the 1970's, and that is the 1973
"Una vela para el Diablo" A Candle for the Devil, and also the fun classic the 1972 "Pánico en el Transiberiano". I grade this film after
these two but before his paella western "Requiem for a Gringo" and i've only seen these 4 films of his.
But i would like to see more from him as the 1962 "Hypnosis" with Jean Sorel, and his 1980 thriller "Aquella casa en las afueras".
As so many other spanish "commercial" directors he was very versatile and made films in almost every genre, paella westerns,
adventures, horror, war movies and surely also sex comedies.

The Film, as so many other Spanish films made under the Franco regime, supposedly takes place in England (as murder and gore never
ever would've happened in Franco's golden Spain) and it actually does look like the outdoor scenes were shot in England (no orange trees
or palms seen this time as in a Jess Franco film) and the film has got a decidely spanish looking actor playing the police inspector.
It starts with a death on the Arthur Anderson estate when the maid Felicity (great Miranda Campa) finds Mrs. Anderson (Lone Fleming in
a small guest role) floating dead in the swimmingpool. Arthur Anderson (Michael Craig) may be involved in something sinister as this
is the third wife of his that has been found dead and with insurance money coming to him and he's charged with murder.

But finally freed and mostly so due to Felicity the maid's witness report. Then a trespassing american woman turns up and she's Julie
Spencer (Carroll Baker) and she's his neighbour she says. They date and marry even though Arthur has doubts over her story. Now
she's the fourth Mrs. Anderson, but is she really Julie, and who's the mysterious woman sneaking around (Marina Malfatti) ?
Michael Craig is brilliant and gives an interesting performance and Carroll Baker is fine too (she looked like a mix of Debbie Harry and
Michelle Pfeiffer). I liked this film also because after 2/3 of the film i had absolutely no idea of what was going to happen.
I liked the bumbling cops also, inspector Dunphy (José Luis Lopez Vazquez) and his assistant (don't know his name but he was great)
and unfortunately there were few extras on this Blu-ray.

The film is presented in widescreen 2.35:1 with english or italian audio with english subtitles, Region A.
Extras an 2021 interview with Eugenio Martín biographer Carlos Aguilar (15 minutes in spanish with english subtitles, i wonder if he's
related to spanish actress Silvia Aguilar, who acted in films by Martín ?), Deleted Scene (in spanish with subs) and a Trailer


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