Footsteps in the Fog (1950)

UK DVD edition

Is this a Film Noir ? Yes, maybe a gothic Noir love story perhaps as this film takes place in London at the turn of the last
century, and due to that the players, the 2 lovers, are both rotten.

It seems to be a forgotten film, a pity as it has the wonderful Jean Simmons in one of the main roles, and she can be seen
also in the genre Masterpiece Angel Face by Otto Preminger, where she's unforgettable as a rich sociopathic girl.

Footsteps is a pretty good crime thriller and love story taking place in Victorian settings just at the beginning of the 20th
century, and with Jean as the slightly weird, maybe even psychotic, housemaid Lily.
Lily is well aware of that her employer Stephens Lowry (Stewart Granger) has killed his old rich wife with poison. As the
rotten woman she is, she won't tell thell the police about it and her plan is to just not only be his sexual mistress, but
also to be the new Mrs. Lowry.
But, the very dangerous Stephen has other plans. He has set his eyes upon the daughter, Elizabeth (Belinda Lee), of his
stinking rich business partner and he doesn't like to be extorted by Lily at all, and a new murder is planned.

Yeeeah, that sounds like a nastily evil Film Noir plot doesn't it? I think i've to re-watch this film.

This is Not a Love Story

Jean Simmons The Magnificent is very good as a London girl from a very simple background, an almost retarded young
woman, or sociopathic, that know what she wants and goes for it 100 %, and what she wants is Stephen, even though
she is well aware of that he could just as likely kill her as making love to her.
A for it's time very DARK sort of "Love Story" or maybe an anti-love story would be more suitable calling it.

The film was presented in anamorphic widescreen, color, english audio mono with english subtitles, theatrical trailer


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