Footprints / Footprints on the Moon / Le Orme / Primal Impulse, 1975)

US Severin Films 2 disc 2023 Blu-ray edition - Region A

If this film should be defined as a giallo or not, can be discussed, but in a
broad definition of the genre it fits in as an Artmovie example.
I just love the accomplished Brazilian actress Florinda Bolkan (i.a. in her
power performance in Lucio Fulci's Don't Torture a Duckling) with her
controlled enigmatic face, that can crackle in fine pieces at any time and let
an emotional chaos break through. WOW! What a face she had/has this
awesome wonderful actress (yes, one of my too many tautologies, sorry).

Watching this film made me want to go back in time to the 1970's, a place in
time when the films, the thrillers- and the crime were more Arty and interesting,
and yes, even in Hollywood (let's just think of films like The Conversation and
The Parallax View). If these films had been made today there would be awful
CGI effects en masse and violated scripts, raped by cretin producers that don't
want any Art to disturb their assumed viewers lobotomized by watching
stupid woke Marvel, DC Comics, Harry Potter or Hobbit crap.

Florinda Bolkan

Le Orme is an inspired, highly original and almost a hallucinatory psychological
drama thriller with tons of atmosphere, much due to the masterful cinematography
by the great cameraman Vittorio Storaro (who also i.a. made Luigi Bazzoni's giallo
"The Fifth Cord" AKA "Giornata nera per l'Ariete" as stylish as it was.
The Soundtrack from Nicola Piovani was haunting, and especially then the Organ
score whenever Bolkan's Alice slipped into her "Footsteps on the Moon" mode.
Piovani scored 170 Italian films during his career and e.g. this score measures up
to the one's made by genre celebrities as Bruno Nicolai, Ennio Morricone or Stelvio
Cipriani. The film uses the Turkish locations in a highly effective way, as the huge
Hotel (Istanbul?) or the beautiful location in Phaselis with beaches and old ruins.

UK Shameless Screen Entertainment once put this one out on a 2009 DVD edition
and should be praised for their effort as this was a First for this obscure but essential
Cult movie. The film a longer component version with english and italian audio.
And now, finally, US Severin releases a Blu-ray of this beautiful and enigmatic film.

The film is made on a low budget and the space scenes has to be considered due
to this, but i think Bazzoni solves this in an ingenious way as these scenes are
connected to the dreams and memories of Florinda Bolkan's Alice Campos.
The movie starts with a zoom into the Moon, the landing of a space shuttle and
the abandonment of an astronaut on the surface of the moon, left to die.
Then, we are in a black & white scene with Klaus Kinski as Dr. Blackman in a space
control center with a shabby B film look to it .... WTF?
In the next scene we get to see a woman, Alice Campos played by Florinda Bolkan,
in her bed. It was only a dream, or?

Wow! What a great and disorientating start to a film, and we soon realises that
Alice feels the same way as we do, the viewers, bewildered. Aaaaaaaah, i just love
when a film makes you feel that way, makes you take notice.

Alice finds a torned into pieces postcard on her kitchen floor. There's a picture of a
hotel on it and from a place called Garma in Turkey (in the film a turkish island) and
she tells her friend that she has had a dream about a man left on the moon to die.
Something she vaguely remembers from an old movie, "Footprints on the Moon".
She works as an interpreter at an international conference in Rome, but when she
arrives at work she's told that she has been missing for 3 whole days, that she left
work hurriedly that Monday and that it is Thursday today and that she's fired.
Alice don't remember anything from these lost 3 days and she decides to find out
what she may have done these days.
Her only lead is the postcard from Turkey and a vague memory of a room with a
peacock picture. Off she goes, to a Turkey seaside resort in gloomy Off-Season.

Above: UK Shameless Screen Entertainment DVD with a reversable sleeve

Nicoleta "That Red-Haired Girl" Elmi has a quite big role and she's good and also
Lila Kedrova can be seen as Mrs. Ines. Florinda Bolkan's sleuthing to find her
3 lost days and to find the mysterious woman that possibly could be herself.
The film is a breathtaking Artmovie giallo and with an amazing out of this world
intro, with a fascinating Florinda Bolkan, with an atmosphere so thick you've
to use a knife to cut through it.
Luigi Bazzoni (1929-2012) only made 5 films and this was his last, and he was the
cousin to cinematographer Vittorio Storaro.

Severin presents the film in widescreen 1.85:1 ratio and with a 93 minutes US
Cut English audio mono on Disc 1, and a 96 minutes Italian audio Cut with
English subtitles on Disc 2.

Extras Disc 1: Audio commentary with Kat Ellinger, Interview with Cinemato-
grapher Vittorio Storaro: Light of the Moon (1 hour 18 minutes in italian with
english subtitles), Trailer

Extras Disc 2: Introduction to US version by Kier La Janisse, To the Moon:
Interview with actress Ida Galli AKA Evelyn Stewart (in Italian with english
subtitles - aaah, what a sweetheart and beautiful human being and truly a
Eurotrash cinema legend), Nicoleta Elmi Video Essay Tribute (11 minutes)


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