Il Fiore dai petali d'acciao (The Flower with Petals of Steel, 1973)

US DVD edition

A fine B giallo with twists and many a gorgeous actress, and not to be found on any regular DVD or Blu-ray release as far as i know. So, this
is another alternative market DVD edition, and probably a TV rip with an in the circumstances OK picture quality.
With an italian audio and with english subtitles, and with some short scenes without any subtitles, presented in some cropped widescreen ratio
(it looks like these films shown on some TV film channel often do have a slightly cropped widescreen).

Gianni Garko (famous maybe mostly for his spaghetti western gunman Sartana) plays surgeon Adrian Valenti, a man involved in sexual relations
with many women. He dumps his girlfriend Daniella (a hot Paola Senatore) and does it brutally. He shoves her and she accidently falls, hits her
head and dies. Then he panics and disposes of her body by cutting it to pieces with surgical instruments. Nasty and obviously our protagonist
Dr. Adrian isn't a very pleasant person and maybe he's even a psychotic killer.

But her older sister, Evelyn Graffi (Carroll Baker), with whom Adrian also have had an erotic relationship, has reported her sister as missing and
inspector Garrano (Ivano Staccioli) starts lurking around the doctor and wonders why Daniella's car is parked outside of Adrian's house.
Adrian now has a love affair with his beautiful secretary Elaina/Lena (Pilar Velázquez) but everythings not smooth sailing for the doctor as someone
has seen him kill Daniella, someone who whispers threats on the phone - yes, a gialli genre staple - and who blackmails him.
The nude scuba diving scene has to be seen to be believed, delightfully strange. Could the clue be found backwards in time?

Recommended viewing for gialli fans and with the lovely Paola Senatore and Pilar Velázquez in it, all actresses in nude scenes including Carroll
Baker briefly seen topless. OK, but Garko is good too in a grumpy and not very likeable performance, ambigious, is he the killer or not?
Also another fine soundtrack score from Marcello Giombini the composer behind the ST to Le Calde labbra del carnefice and Los Mil ojos del

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