First Love (Hatsukoi, 2019)

Nordic Universal 2020 Blu-ray edition

A young boxer, Leo (Masataka Kubota) collapses during a fight due to a supposed brain tumour. There's a Yakuza turf war going on
between Gondo (Seiyo Uchino) yakuzas and One-Armed Wang and his Chinese triads, and soon Leo is to be a part of it, whether he
wants it or not. There's a big narcotics deal coming up and a disloyal yakuza (Shota Sometani) and a corrupt cop plans to steal the stuff
and put the blame on a young sex-slave girl, Monica (Maimi Yajime) and Leo takes it on him to protect her.

Juri, the very ill-tempered girlfriend of a murdered yakuza show some charisma in her role as revenger. Played by a ... Becky ?

It's a lighthearted crime action and a gangster comedy and pretty enjoyable, even though far from the old wild Miike (which i prefer
naturally and as all lovers of psychotronic film surely do).
The Yakuza mobsters complain about being almost obsolete nowadays in the modern world of crime, and also the Chinese gangsters
complain that there is no honor anymore. The Chinese woman at Leo's workplace, a chinese restaurant, complains that people, japanese
or others, lacks morals and that there's no real man among them.

Blu-ray in widescreen 2.39:1 and with japanese audio DTS-HD MA or DD 5.1 with swedish subtitles, region B


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