Fear in the Night (1947)

US Alpha Video DVD edition

YES, yet another forgotten and obscure B Studio Film Noir based on the writings of Cornell Woolrich, The Master of Pulp
Fiction crime. A film with for me unknown actors and based on Woolrich delightfully overstrung story "Nightmare"
published in the Woolrich story collection Nightmare (by Dodd Mead, US 1956) and in Sweden 1960 by Gebers as Nattmara
(pic below). The collection has 6 stories: I'll Take You Home, Kathleen/Screen Test/Three O'Clock/ I.O.U./Bequest and Nightmare

Swedish edition of Nightmare Collection - A Great Sleeve

Vincent Grayson has a bad nightmare where he kills a man in self-defence in a room filled with mirrors, and when he wakes
up he's full of bruises. He's unsure of this only was a dream or if he actually has killed a human being. Fear and Paranoia,
such essential parts of a great Noir film or story. I just love it, and especially if it was filmatized by a B Studio

Why ? I have the notion that B- and Powerty Row- studios dared more, to keep the unique Woolrich-ean overstrung
aspects of his writings, the one's that we love. Is it a dream or reality? A Lovely Oddball Noir and i'm a happy puppy.

Vincent start looking for the house he visited in his dream and he's assisted by his brother-in-law, Cliff, who start to
believe that Vince actually could be the killer.

The film was presented in 4:3 fullscreen original ratio, black & white, english audio with no extras ... and BEWARE in an
abominable Alpha Video garbage release


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