Fast Company (1979)

Swedish Retrofilm DVD edition


An odd David Cronenberg film, a Car Racing action drama about the Fast Co Team and the drama around the drivers and
the Team owners and with William "Falconetti" Smith in a rare Good Guy role. (Yes, very few ... and very old people may
remember Smith in the popular 1970's TV series "Rich Man, Poor Man" where he played the Bad Guy - Falconetti).

Smith plays the racing driver Lonny "Lucky Man" Johnson and he's the crowd favourite. Claudia Jennings plays his girlfriend,
Billy is a young and coming driver, The Kid, and John Saxon plays the Bad Guy team manager.
In the audio commentary track Cronenberg admits that FC is a generic B-movie, but he's proud of it and he loves motor racing.

Film in widescreen 1.78:1 and with english audio DD 5.1 with swedish subtitles, region 2. Extras:
Audio commentary by David Cronenberg, Behind the Scenes part one (14 minutes), Behind the Scenes part two (22 minutes),
Casting Call: Interview with John Saxon and William Smith (7 minutes), Trailer and a Short Film 24 minutes by Cronenberg:
The Italian Machine