The Fallen (2020)

Hong Kong Panorama Corporation Ltd. 2020 DVD edition

Yes, undoubtedly a very stylish, arty and even visually stunning take on the Film Noir genre and Irene Wan do look stunning in it,
but maybe finally with more style than content. It's also very dark and with some disturbing violence. The follow-up second film to
Hong Kong indie director Lee Cheuk Pan's much talked about 2018 "G Affairs" and he's interesting for sure, but i can detect some
nihilistic vibes in both of his films, a coldness and lack of empathy. His protagonists are not likeable and even evil, as Irene Wan's
Rain Fu here. Sure, sure, she finally has sex with her half-sister and her brother, very woke and edgy i suppose, but she's still just
a reprehensible murderer and a creep. However, i couldn't take my eyes from Irene Wan with her middle-age worn beauty

The film starts with a funeral gathering among a lot of containers (probably in the harbor) as the Don, the drug lord has died.
The question is - who will take over as the new leader ? Uncle Vulcan (Eddie Chen) and the Don's adopted son Tempest (Kenny
Kwan) are both willing, and a gangster war follows.

Between the both sides stands the lost daughter of the Don, Rain Fu (Irene Wan) and she's a drug addict who because of her
addiction became a mole to the police woman inspector Wong (Alice Chan). Is that why Rain suddenly appears after have been
gone for 20 years ? She walks a tightrope between Uncle Vulcan and her brother Tempest and to provide meth for Uncle she
goes on a trip to Thailand and Burma, a dangerous trip where she meet the scariest person in the film, Mrs. Cheong (Emily Kwan).
Almost everyone is unlikeable in this film and pieces of human waste. But, maybe more like "real" criminals than "filmic" one's.

The DVD presents the film in anamorphic widescreen and with a cantonese audio DD 5.1 with english subtitles, but also some
english, mandarin, burmese and japanese are spoken. Extras a trailer and some short featurettes, region 3


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