Eyes of Laura Mars (1978)

UK Indicator Blu-ray edition - region all

A very fine murder mystery thriller and also something of a US giallo, if that was possible. It has got great performances from Faye
Dunaway, Tommy Lee Jones and Brad Dourif and also a strong ending. Aaah, the golden 1970's when Hollywood actually made great
thrillers, some of the european gialli type, some paranoid and some political.

Faye Dunaway is the famous fashion photographer artist Laura Mars who starts getting visions of the killings by a serial killer. She
sees them as they are committed through the eyes of the murderer, and the victim is one of her photobook models.
Laura Mars is critized for her provocative and violent art and she creates her art of sex and murder from images that pops up in her
mind. But the investigating police officer, Lieutenant John Neville (Tommy Lee Jones) shows her photos from the actual crime scenes
of the serial killings and they show that Laura has recreated them in her photo shoots.

Who's the killer, is it her somewhat ragged looking ex-criminal driver Tommy (Brad Dourif), is it her drunkard ex-husband Michael or
is it her agent Donald (Rene Auberjonois) ? The killing of fashion models goes on and they are seen committed through the POW
of the killer, and he/she uses knives and wear black gloves.
The photos seen in the film were actually shot by very famous photographer Helmut Newton, and the theme song is sung by none
other than Barbara Streisand. At the time i guess this film was considered a mainstream thriller, but if made today it would surely be
considered as an arty indie film among all the propaganda patriotic woke Marvel and DC crap nonsense churned out by Hollywood.

The film is presented in 1.85:1 widescreen and with english audio LPCM plus english subtitles. Extras:

Audio commentary by director Irvin Kershner, The Eyes Have It: Appreciation by critic Kat Ellinger (13 minutes), Visions: Original
Making Of Documentary (7 minutes), Eyes of Laura Mars (8 minutes), Theatrical Trailer (with commentary), Image Gallery


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