Evil Dead Trap (Shiryo no wana, 1988)

US Unearthed Films 2021 Blu-ray edition - region A stated on sleeve but played region all



A very violent and unhinged Japanese Splatter Slasher Horror Cult Classic with loads of Fun Gore, and obviously
in the spirit of films like US 1980's splatter films, Sam Raimi's "Evil Dead", films by Frank Henenlotter and by Dario
Argento. Meet Hideki - The Telekinetic Siamese Twin Monster Killer (Sorry, a Spoiler there .... Hey, maybe James
Wan who made the crazy 2021 "Malignant" watched this film first as inspiration, it's possible).

Nami Tsuchiya (Miyuki Ono) runs a cable channel TV Show for nighthawks, Late Night with Nami. The viewers can
send in their video tapes and one day she receives a VHS cassette with a sick and disgusting content. A bound and
hanging woman is slaughtered, cut up like a Pig and the video ends with a picture of Nami. Also, the killer shows
the setting of the murder, a known industrial area, and obviously he wants Nami and her TV Crew to search for him.

Above: The US 2005 Synapse DVD edition in non-anamorphic 1.85:1 ratio and mono japanese audio with english subs

The TV Channel won't call the police and as Nami's Show is losing viewers Nami and her crew, 5 people in all, decides
to go to the "supposed" murder location for a special program of the Show, to investigate if the murder was for real or
if the whole thing was a fake snuff thing, a joke ? The TV team are Nami, Rei (Hitomi Kobayashi), Kondo (Masahiro
Abe), Rie (Aya Katsuragi) and Mako (Eriko Nakagawa) and the industrial area seems to be an abandoned American
Military base. The lot is sealed off but they go in anyway.

Above: Reversible sleeve to the 2021 Unearthed Films bluray edition

Well inside they immediately split up in 3 smaller groups, Kondo and Rei, Mako and Rie and Nami alone, and they
start to walk-about and shout .... Hello, is anyone there? Not very wise, if the cassette images were for real that is.
Even less wise, horny couple Kondo and Rei decides to lie down in the dusty filth and screw. Maggots are falling
down from the ceiling (in a homage to Suspiria) and obviously the love birds want to die according to the well known
rules for every 1980's Slasher movie. Rei do die, and in a spectacular set-piece Argento would've envied.

Everyone except the Final Girl dies (and that's Nami) in nasty ways, and then the mystical friendly man appears and
this starts the bizarre and highly entertaining madness that's to follow. A mix of Cronenberg and Henenlotter.
Evil Dead Trap (Shiryo no wana) is trashy and weird but also innovative and gloriously Unhinged.

Unearthed Films presents the bluray film in 1.66:1 ratio and with japanese audio 1.0 PCM and with english subtitles
Extras: Three separate audio commentaries - 1. with director Toshiharu Ikeda and special effects maker Shinichi
Wakasa (this was also in the 2005 Synapse DVD release), 2. with filmmaker Kurando Mitsutake and 3. with James
Mudge. Trappings of the Dead: Reflecting on a Japanese Cult Classic (19 minutes by Calum Waddell), Storyboards,
Behind the Scenes Stills, Promotional Artwork, Trailer

R.I.P. Toshiharu Ikeda died in 2010 and the film was shot on Video in a lowbudget production