Evil Dead Trap 2: Hideki (Hi-Yah!, 2019)

US Unearthed Films 2022 Blu-ray edition - region A stated on sleeve but played region all


The film was a sequel to Evil Dead Trap in name only besides a TV team, someone called Hideki and things popping
up from bellys. Indie Art Splatter Horror both depressing and weird but somewhat interesting if not as fun as EDT.
Trashy, arty or both? Hard to decide sometimes, but the director and scriptwriter Hashimoto has an obscure filmography.

Aki Otani (Shoko Nakajima) is a young female cinema projectionist and she's troubled by a child following her, a boy,
and obviously by his 10 years pre-Ju-On black eyes he's a Demon child. Aki's very anti-social and her only friend is Emi
Kageyama (Rie Kondoh) who works as a reporter at a TV station. Emi's boyfriend is married horny creep Kurahashi (Shiro
Sano) and he hits on Aki. There's a Street Killer on the loose who mutilates women and who could the killer be?

Film presented in 1.85:1 widescreen with japanese audio PCM stereo or mono and with english subtitles. Gallery and trailer

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