Some Guy Who Kills People (En snubbe som mördar folk, 2011)

Swedish Njuta Films DVD edition

Text below written 2018-10-18

Whoops, i completely missed this hard to define gem of a film and many thanks to swedish company Njuta that put in a lot of work to
obtain and release unusual films like this in Sweden. It almost feels like a mainstream film (and the executive producer is John Landis)
but the great acting, the humour and the total charm wins me over, and i just loved it.

It's a feel good murder mystery horror comedy drama something and hard to label. Somehow this film flew under the radar when released
and maybe the absolutely AWFUL title caused that? Who wants to see a film with a name like that, sounds as some supposedly hip
wannabe Tarantino-esque trash movie. And the director Jack Perez, i had only seen one of his films, the awful Wild Things 2 in 2004 and
i thought he only made junk C movies, but with this one .... he really has bettered himself and both Perez and the film got much praise.

Ken Boyd (Kevin Corrigan) is 34 years old and lives in the small town of Green Oaks where he works in an ice cream parlour. He lives
with his mother Ruth (legendary Karen Black) and his best buddy Irv (Leo Fitzpatrick) also works at the ice cream store.
Poor Ken has had mental problems and been a patient at a mental asylum. He draws comic books (of the Marvel type) and he has awful
nightmares about being brutally bullied by a gang of teenage boys. Is this something that has happened or just a fantasy?

Ken has been and is tormented by bullies, and soon the bullies of the town start to die in the most brutal and gory ways. Who could the
killer be? I knew early on who the killer must be, due to the way the killings were filmed. The town's sheriff, Walt (Barry Bostwick) investigates
the killings, has a relation with Ken's mom and steals every scene he's in. Ha, ha, he's GREAT FUN.
In the middle of this Ken's 11 year old daughter turns up, Amy (Ariel Gade, cute kid and 13-14 years old when filming this) and he has to
connect with her as she wants to know her father.

The film works in many ways: 1. The fun gory killings 2. Ken connecting with his daughter and they make an adorable couple really, and
3. The sheriff investigating the murders in his own quirky and delightful way.
Kevin Corrigan is great in the role, Barry Bostwick and Karen Black too in their roles and Ariel Gade is a cute kid (who for some reason,
after a career as a child actor, retired from acting after this film).
It's a mystery how director Jack Perez, after making all that junk, could come up with something like this?

The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen 1.78:1 with an english audio DD stereo with swedish subtitles as an option. No extras


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