The Empty Hands (2017)

Hong Kong Panorama Corporation Ltd. 2018 DVD edition

Text below written 2018-08-27

OK, i've seen the actor Chapman To in many a quirky and entertaining indie- or artmovie the last 15 years or so
but this time he's the director, co-writer and co-producer and he's not succeeding that very well unfortunately.
The film falls behind two chairs, it's not enough fighting, or believable such, to work as a martial arts film and
the drama is not interesting enough to engage you. It's fluff really and a heavy use of heavenly beautiful
classical music as J.S. Bach and Paganini doesn't make the film any deeper. The script and direction fails and
this probably resulted in the lukewarm acting too, and Stephy Tang is just OK as the grumpy Mari Hirakawa..

Stephy Tang is a singer and actress Wiki says, and she may've played volleyball, but she's to skinny to be a
believable fighter in a karate or MMA type of match. Her failed love affair in the movie didn't engage one either

Stephy Tang as Mari Hirakawa

Half japanese and half chinese 30 something Mari Hirakawa (Stephy Tang) lives in Hong Kong and works as a
parking attendant at a radio station, and she's having a failed love affair with a married radio star.
As a child her father made her train karate so much she became fed up with it and quitted, but has got a black belt.

Now her father Akira (Yasuaki Kurata) dies suddenly and she is left half of the dojo with the other half given to an
old student, Chan Kent (Chapman To), who starts as a teacher at the dojo ... and makes a bet with Mari.
Will she start training again, will there be Rocky-esque scenes of hard training with Mari running through the Hong
Kong streets, will there be push-ups, will there be old school HK martial arts movies step running ?? Nooooo ....

DVD presented in anamorphic widescreen and a 5.1 DD cantonese audio (with some japanese) with english subtites
Extras: Making of featurettes and a trailer


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