Emmanuelle y Carol (1978)

Emmanuelle and Doris

Spanish Mercury Films DVD edition

Ignacio F. Iquino (1910-1994) is one of my absolute favourite Spanish Trash Cinema directors. The Catalan Iquino is not that well known
compared to other directors from The Golden Spanish era of filmmaking (appr. 1965-1985). He directed 87 films and wrote over a hundred
says IMDB and directed his first film as early as in 1934. Iquino worked in many different genres, with paella westerns in the 1960's and
early 1970's and as director friends Carlos Aured and Paco Lara he started making sex movies after the death of Franco in November 1975
and with the then loosening of the censor rules. Genre hopping to a more lucrative genre when the horror and gialli genre was on it's way
out - sex movies. Comedies with sex, dramas with sex or crime with sex.

Concha Valero in 1982 Los sueños húmedos de Patrizia

On my Horror film page 1 you can read about Iquino's wonderful 1982 trash-horror Secta Siniestra and on Horror page 2 about his brutal
1978 exploitation crime drama Los violadores del amanecer. I've seen one more of his sex films, the 1982 Los sueños húmedos de Patrizia
with Iquino's favourite actress Concha Valero in it, and i saw that on the Internet as the DVD was sold out. It was pretty good with some
hot softcore sex scenes and could maybe be defined as a sex-comedy.

Emmanuelle y Carol, maybe a Spanish addition to the growing saga about the globe-trotting white, black or yellow Emmanuelle, was
pretty entertaining trash to watch, like some Jess Franco movie but without the muff-zoom. The actresses were beautiful and the film had
copious amounts of softcore sex scenes. Nudity and boobs with Raquel Evans as Emmanuelle, Jennifer James as Carol and Linda Lay
as Doris. If i have one complaint, there is too little of the Raven-haired beauty Linda Lay, an actress you can see as victim no.1 Maria in
Iquino's "Los violadores del amanecer". Also Bernard Seray from that infamous crime roughie can be seen here as Miguel.

The Story - some sort of anyway as i don't speak spanish and this DVD didn't have any subtitles:

Emmanuelle surprises her boyfriend with his gay lover and furious she leaves home and seek shelter with her best friend Carol. Black
Carol is in love with Emmanuelle and they soon have some lesbian sex. They are both working at a fashion house, and when Emmanuelle
has met a new boyfriend and goes to Ibiza on holiday, Carol is sad and decides to go there too. Dumped by E. for the first time.
On Ibiza Carol meets the satanic sect member Doris - the hot goth looking
Linda Lay - and they have some lesbian sex, surprise.

Carol and Doris in a hot scene

Yes, i'm a sucker for goth looking women and it started already when i was a child with Morticia Adams from The Addams Family,
and maybe even earlier if that's possible with Carl Barks Donald Duck figure Magica De Hex, the sultry Neapolitan witch (which Barks
supposedly based on a popular italian actress of the times, Gina Lollobrigida or Sophia Loren)

Emmanuelle gets involved with the sect too, gets drugged, laughs at everything and has sex with everyone, then she suddenly goes
home to her old boyfriend again, and dumps Carol for the second time. The End.

IMDB says: Raquel Evans was born in Chile in 1956 and she made a lot of Spanish sex movies 1978-1994, some directed by her brother.
Jennifer James or Paula James made 16 films between 1977-1984 in the Catalan trash-film industry, but no bio is to be found about her.
Linda Lay only made 7 films in the same Catalan film-industry in 1977-1981, and 4 of them by Iquino. She only played small parts


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