Ek Paheli Leela (2015)

India T-Series DVD

Sunny Leone on DVD cover

Text below written 2015-09-26

A Supernatural drama-thriller maybe and with the ex-pornstar sensation Sunny Leone in the lead role. She's well on
her way in the Bollywood film industry by now and she's ..... a nice actress, perfectly OK in her acting talents.
She's also very beautiful (yes, yes, as all other Bollywood actresses, i know) and important - she's LIKEABLE.
Not a Model-Bimbo that can't act, she gives an impression of being Alive and a Nice person. Gorgeous as Katrina
Kaif but a better actress (both are half-indians i think ? born outside of India, Sunny in Canada and Kaif in HK/UK).
This "small" and delightfully unpretentious film wasn't a blockbuster but still a small Hit in India and Sunny has got a
grip on the (male) indian viewers hearts. Lets not pretend - this film is 9/10 about Sunnys Hotness and 1/10 about
the adventure, Bollysploitation almost where Leone's sweater puppies has 2 of the Heavy parts in the film.

The Music

And, ooh, i almost forgot - There's some GREAT music too in the film as the Beautiful Tere Bin Nahi Laage
composed and sung by the pakistani musician Uzair Jaswal - what a Voice this singer has, beautiful and also
equally great singer Mohit Chauhan sings. I must get some music by these singers pronto.
The Dance numbers are great too and Sunny Leone looks fabulous in traditional indian clothing. So, i hereby
modify my earlier statement - This film is 6/10 about Sunny's hotness, 3/10 about the music and dancing, and
1/10 about the story.

The Story

Meera (Sunny) is a model on a visit to London for a performance and a meeting with fashion guy Andy (played
by someone called Andy) and a female photographer Radhika (Shivani Tanksale). In India Radhika's cousin
Karan (Jay Bhanushali) a musician has nightmares about being whipped and a woman called Leela, and when
he's playing rajasthani folk music the visions gets even more nasty. Who's Leela ?


And he visits a holy man, a Guru, that after some sanskrit mumblings can tell him that occurrences 300 years ago
in Rajasthan is connected to his life today. Karan travels to Rajasthan.
Meera goes to Rajasthan too, she's having a photoshoot and meets and marries the Rajput Prince Ranveer Singh
(Mohit Ahlawit). 300 years earlier a famous sculptor made a statue of the beautiful dancer Leela (Sunny Leone)
and was jealous of her boyfriend Shravan (Rajneesh Duggal) which led to tragic events.
And "today" the prince's brother Bikram (Jas Arora) is searching for this valuable statue
anamorphic widescreen, hindi 5.1 with english subs, 2 h 19 min 46 seconds, no extras

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