US DVD edition in anamorphic widescreen 1.85:1 with japanese audio 2.0 and with english subtitles

A pretty OK but not very good combination of Black Magic and Highschool Horror and with some Exploitation
and Splatter added to the mix.
Based on the manga of Shinichi Koga and surely inspired some future films.and TV.
Misa Kuroi (cute Kimika Yoshino) is a Witch and a new student in School where the students practices Black
Magic (hmm, where have I heard of that?). The schoolgirls uses magic to protect themselves from perv teachers.

Misa becomes buddy with Mizuki (Miho Kanno) and the boy Shindo (Shuma) and Kazumi (Kanori Kadomatsu)
enjoys a hot lesbian sex session with female teacher Shirai (Mie Takagi). A lot of students get locked in into the
School and start being killed, one after another, and the question is - Who's the Killer with the Magic Powers?

Extra: Making of (17 minutes), Interviews with female directors Satoand Yoshino (27 minutes), trailer, pictures

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