US DVD edition in anamorphic widescreen 1.85:1 with cantonese audio mono and english subtitles

Wild, politically incorrect and very offensive but also very entertaining and late entry Cat. III horror from
the Hong Kong Golden Era. Directed by Herman Yau, who directed the 1993 legendary nastie "The Untold
Story" and with Anthony Wong as a depraved psychopath. Wong plays the role of Ah Kai, a man on the
Run after having committed 3 murders in Hong Kong in 1986, and now working as a harassed cook in
South Africa where he rapes a sick Zulu woman. He's infected by the scary Ebola virus and brings it with
him to Hong Kong.

Extras: Audio commentary with director Herman Yau and actor Anthony Wong.
Deleted scenes: The legendary cut scenes with sleaze and gore, Interview with Herman Yau (15 minutes) and
interesting to hear about the subjects nowadays avoided by the Hong Kong film industry due to the strict
censorship rules in Mainland China, and the possibilities for the HK industry to export film to the Mainland.
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