Double Face (A Doppia Faccia / Das gesicht im dunkeln) 1969

UK Arrow Video bluray edition

A fine giallo crime mystery with not much gore but with some great acting from Klaus Kinski (OK, he has a worried look for
most of the film, but carries that look well) and with some beautiful Euro genre actresses, and some of them topless.
The soundtrack from female composer Nora Orlandi (written under her alias Joan Christian) is very beautiful and surely
considered as one of the more notable in the genre.

John Alexander (KK) is a businessman who meets and weds Helen Brown (Margaret Lee) when vacationing in the Alps, but
back in London their marriage turns sour. Helen is a rich woman and owns 90% of her family's Import and Export Company,
a company where also John and Helen's stepfather (Sidney Chaplin) are working.
John is miserable and obviously he's in love with his wife, or ? Helen frolics around in the nude with her best friend Liz (Annabella
Contreras) and he's jealous of her getting his wife's attention, and of Helen possibly having a lesbian sex affair.

Turnable sleeve

Someone, the gialli killer, attach a bomb to Helen's car and, in a terribly awful special effect, the toy car explodes and crashes and
Helen dies .... so horribly scarred she can't be recognized. John was her only heir and he inherits the Brown Company which he
runs with the help of Helen's stepfather and his secretary Alice (Barbara Nelli).

At home he finds that a beautiful woman, Christina (Kristiane Kruger, german actress) some sort of a hippy, has home invaded his
mansion and walking around in the nude. He follows her to a Swinging London psychedelic party where he sees 8 mm film being
shown and with his wife performing lesbian sex. The film is made after the car accident, so WTF is going on?
John starts sleuthing around on his own in true giallo mode. Is Helen still alive ? Klaus Kinski carries this film, and he's very good.

The Arrow bluray presents the film in widescreen 1.85:1, with english or italian audio LPCM mono 1.0 with english subtitles, region B.

An audio essay by the great Tim Lucas - and as this film was co-produced with West Germany it was marketed in Germany as a
Krimi film, an Edgar Wallace mystery. The german title of the film "Das gesicht im Dunkeln".

The Many Faces of Nora Orlandi: Lovely Jon, a collector of film soundtracks and a fan of her tell about her
Seven notes for a murder: a 2019 interview with composer and singer Nora Orlandi in italian with english subs (30 minutes) What a
great old lady, just amazing, so alive, i could listen to her for hours

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