Don (1978)

India Priya DVD

US Bollywood Entertainment edition

Text below written 2016-03-17

It's almost 10 years since i watched this Feel Good movie and i don't remember which edition i saw then, the US
BEI edition or an Eros one. Well, this time i had to do with the indian low prize Priya edition, and even though
it maybe won't work another time due to disc rot or something, it worked pretty fine for it's low prize.
Don is an absolute certified film classic, it's a perfect cult movie and beloved not just in India but with many fans
even here in Sweden, the Hollywoodified outpost up here in Ultima Thule. When i had a DVD import shop many
of my customers enjoyed this Bollywood movie a lot. Yes, everyone that watches it seems to love it, and countless
has it among their favourites on the Bollywood Top Ten lists, and also me so if i made such a list.
The Tall One - Amitabh Bachchan, he just has got this unique Charm to him, everyone loves him (in this film at
least) and he was (and maybe still is) The King of Bollywood.

Zeenat Aman, she's cool too and in my eyes she's, if not the greatest thespian, The Hottest of all the Bollywood
goddesses - EVER. The Soundtrack is really 1970's groovy at an almost Blaxploitation flick level, Amitabh can
be seen in some great song/dance numbers and finally - the action scenes are made with a lot of humour and they're
unresistible and charmingly cheesy in just the right way

The Don

Don och Kamini (Helen)

The Story:

The Police led by the DSP D'Silva (Iffthekar) and the Interpol agent Mr. Malik (Om Shivpuri, not in a Bad Guy part)
hunts a gang of smugglers with the boss, Don (Amitabh). He's a brutal murderer that dies after a police chase just 36
minutes into the film, that's 2 hours and 39 minutes long. The police keep this death a secret and now, higly improbable
as it is, finds the Doppelganger to Don, in the street performance artist and betel chewing Vijay (Amitabh).
He's lured into portraying the false Don and to act as a police informer.
Also, here's the revengeful jailbird and ex-rope-dancer Daljit JJ (Pran) in search for his 2 missing children, here's the
girl Kamini (Helen Richardson) and here's .... a trumpet fanfare and Yummy and double-Yummy ....

Zeenat Aman as the also revengeful Roma as her brother has been murdered by the Don, and she has learnt some
martial arts and infiltrated the gang. She's ready for revenge.

If i had a Time Machine, met a genie in a bottle, and was allowed 1 (one) date with someone for me to choose,
with the possibility to change the history of the world and to the betterment of mankind, then, i would think about
this seriously, which historical person would i choose .... hmmmm, let's see now, then i would choose a Hot Date
with a sexually starved and boyfriend-less Zeenat Aman from the 1970's. Wow! Yummy!
Zeenat, the hottest Bollywood actress in the history of ..... eeeh, Bollywood.

The film has got a great soundtrack too with Amitabh's Vijay singing and dancing in the fun Eeh Hai Bambai (This is
Bombay), with the sexy number Main Hoon Don (I'm the Don) and in the delirical drug friendly number Khaike
Paan (A Betel leaf from Benares opens up the mind). Singers are the legendary Lata Mangeshkar and her sister
Asha Bhosle.
Lata Mangeshkar, called the nightingale of India who with her high-pitched nasal shrieking way of singing for ever
changed indian film in the 1940's when she made this style popular and made the Great natural playback singers
as Rajkumari Dubey and Zohrabai Ambalewali disappear from the indian cinema. Very sad and unfortunate as
their natural sounding voices really was beautiful to listen to. I much prefer more smoky female voices and the
strangled cat sounding high-pitch voices are painfully unsexy and unpleasant too endure
4:3 fullscreen, a mono hindi audio with english subtitles, no logo in the picture and songs/dances with subs too