Doberman Cop (1977)

UK Arrow Video Blu-ray and DVD combo edition

Reversible sleeve

Text below written 2018-08-10

The film starts with a crime-scene full of burned bodies and one of the victims are a woman, Mayumi Tamashiro,
a prostitute and she's probably a victim of a serial killer, as the modus operandi are the same as in earlier killings.
The Tokyo police is looking for a serial killer and a visiting cop from Okinawa is looking for a lost island girl.

Strange crime-action from yakuza films and Battle Royale maestro Fukasaku and with fighter Sonny Chiba in the
main role as some sort of a japanese equivalent to the American hillbilly. A country bumpkin cop, Joji Kano from
the southern island of Okinawa or as his snotty Tokyo colleagues calls him - Tarzan from Okinawa, due to his
spectacular histrionic way of solving crimes. Kano, a mix of Dirty Harry and Al Capp comic figure Lil' Abner,
and he's carrying a Magnum handgun and walks the streets of Tokyo in a straw hat and with a pet pig on a leash.


Joji Kano is looking for a Yuna Tamashiro, a neighbour girl of his and a runaway from Okinawa, and he suspects
that the drug addicted singer Miki Haruno (Janet Hatta) could be her after some plastic surgery being done.
She denies and her yakuza connected manager and/or boyfriend Hidemori (Hiroku Matsukata) don't like his
questions at all, not a bit. Kano befriends the biker Hotshot and the stripper Kosode (charismatic Eiko Matsuda)
and decides to take on the yakuzas to get to the truth about lost girl Yuna.

widescreen 2.35:1 with a japanese DD mono audio with english subs.
Extras: Beyond the film Doberman Cop: introduction to the film by Sadao Yamane (9 minutes), Koji Takada: Cops,
Pigs and Karate: screenwriter Takada in an 2016 Arrow Video interview (18 minutes), Sonny Chiba: a life in action
vol. 2 - september 2016 interview with Shinichi "Sonny" Chiba (18 minutes), theatrical trailer and a Booklet

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