Django (1966)

US Blue Underground DVD

The Spaghetti (and Paella) western - Something for all us that doesn't like the boring and styffy conservative old US westerns
as the Mediterranean versions are much dirtier, meaner and more funny.

Django is one of the defining classics of the genre and where Franco Nero is doing his to become legendary anti-hero role as
the ex-Union civil war soldier that drags a coffin with him wherever he goes.
On his way through a muddy and ugly landscape Django watches how a woman is whipped by bandits, and then how a group
of masked men dressed in red attacks the bandits and being racist scum from Confederate Major Jackson rebel army they plan
to execute the poor woman for being Mexican.
But, sharpshooter Djangoshoots them all down and takes the woman, Maria, with him to the nearest city, where Jackson's men
, mexican rebels and prostitutes awaits him.

The film was presented in anamorphic widescreen 1.66:1 and with an english or italian audio with english subtitles
Extras: Interview with Franco Nero: Django the one and Only, and with the assistant director Ruggero Deodato (13 minutes,
2002), Trailers, Bios and Picture Stills


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Spaghettiwestern: För oss som aldrig gillade urtrista amerikanska westerns! Skitigare, elakare och mycket roligare

Absolut spaghettiwestern klassiker där Franco Nero gör sin numera legendariska anti-hjälte roll som den f.d. nordstatssoldaten
som ständigt släpar en kista efter sig. På väg stretande genom ett skitigt lerigt och fult landskap ser Django hur en kvinna piskas
av banditer, hur en hop rödmaskerade män anfaller och hur denna rasisthop ur Major Jackson's rebellarmé sen avser avrätta den
"skitiga" mexikanskan. Django slaktar hopen och beger sig till närmaste stad med kvinnan, Maria, i släptåg, men där väntar såväl
Jackson's män, mexikanska rebeller och horor. Anamorfisk widescreen 1.66:1, mono, engelskt eller italienskt tal med subs.
Extra: Django the One and Only-Intervju med Franco Nero och assist. regissören Ruggero Deodato (ca 13 min, 2002), trailers,
bios, stills