The Designated Victim (La Vittima Designata, 1971)

US Mondo Macabro 2021 Blu-ray edition - Region all


A Crime Thriller that's either a re-make or a ripoff of Alfred Hitchcock's 1951 classic "Strangers on a Train" and the Patricia Highsmith
novel. With Tomas Milian in a toned down performance and with the extremely charismatic (almost Over the Top so) French indie art
actor Pierre Clementi as the deranged and nihilistic Count Matteo Tiepolo.

Stefano Augenti (Tomas Milian) runs a Company doing commercials and when he's offered a great deal selling it, his wife Luisa (Marisa
Bartoli) refuses to sell her shares in the company. Luisa and Stefano hates each other and she loves to torment him in any way she can.
Stefano has a mistress, Fabienne (Katia Christine) and when they visit Venice Stefano meets a Count, Matteo Tiepolo (Pierre Clementi).
The Count is a strange but initially interesting man who wants to experience everything, even murder.
Stefano has told him about Luisa and the nihilistic Count offers to kill his wife if Stefano then promises to kill off the Count's brother.
But Stefano wants to distance himself from the now turning into scary crackpot Count Tiepolo, but that's not an easy thing to do.

The film is presented in widescreen (ratio not stated on the Mondo Macabro bluray) and with english or italian audio with english
subtitles DTS-HD MA mono or LPCM. Region all
Extras: Extended version with inserts from old VHS source, 2021 interview with writer and assistant director Aldo Lado (48 minutes in
italian with english subtitles), 2021 interview with Balthazar Clementi, Pierre Clementi's son (28 minutes in french with english subs),
Audio commentary by two slurring British guys, trailer


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