The Descent (2005)

Nordic SF Pathé Blu-ray edition

Neil Marshall was a hailed horror action director when he made this cave exploring horror thriller in 2005 as he had made the popular
2002 "Dog Soldiers" before. His fall from grace started with his 2008 "Doomsday" that was widely hated on. Me myself absolutely
loves "Doomsday" with it's trashy fun homage to many of the films the director obviously loves to see himself.
"Doomsday" is a sci-fi horror action comedy and it's gloriously trashy and Fun. and I have watched it surely a 20-30 times by now.
Who in their right mind can resist the lovely Rhona Mitra as Major Eden Sinclair ? OK, some boring fuckers can i guess.
(Read more about "Doomsday" on my Cult and Classics Film Page 1)

"The Descent" is No comedy though as it's dark and disturbing when a group of women, most of them old friends, goes rafting in
the american outback and then also cave exploring. One of the women lures them down a previously unexplored cave system in the
Appalachian mountains somewhere. Deep down underground they explore the increasingly hard to get through cave tunnels and
soon things start to go wrong and they are about to meet something horrible.

This film is not recommended for viewers suffering from claustrophobia and I feel nauseated just thinking about the tight passages
in the film deep down in the underground. What if you're stuck or there's a dilapidation ? The Descent a solid horror from Marshall.

Film presented in widescreen 2.35:1 with an english audio DTS-HD MA 7.1 or a DD 5.1 with swedish subtitles, region B, no extras


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