Der Jugendrichter (Judge and Juvenile, 1959)

German Universum Film UFA Klassiker DVD edition


German teenage delinquency drama where a saintly judge in a juvenile court at the Amtsgerichtsrat gives his everything to
help the troubled youths appearing in front of him to end up on the right path, instead of the way of crime and being in biker
gangs or smoking weed and such inappropriate activities . Sounds boring, maybe, and to be honest i only gave this old German
film a chance because of the girl the judge tries to help and played by Karin Baal. Sure, i would've enjoyed a sleazier film, or at
least a more racy one than this wholesome family film.

Karin Baal (born 1940) debuted in 1956 in a teenage delinquency movie and she was 18 or 19 when this film was made and the
right age for being accused in a Juvenile court. I've seen the beautiful Baal in at least two movies before this one, and that were
the 1961 german Krimi
"Die Toten Augen Von London (Dead Eyes of London)" and the 1972 What Have You Done To Solange?
(Cosa avete fatto a Solange). German actress Karin Baal still lives, she's 81 years old when writing this in February 2022.

Above: Karin Baal in a tight sweater, yummy, but the film doesn't get any sexier than that

Karin Baal plays Inge Schumann and she's heard at the Juvenile Court because she's accused of stealing 30 marks from a 48 year
old travelling salesman. Dr. Ferdinand Bluhme presides as the Judge of the court and Inge is sentenced to 8 months in a Youth
Prison, and desperate she tries too flee from the court or even to jump to her death from the roof.

The Judge lives in a pension run by Elisabeth Winkler (Lola Müthel) and takes the bicycle to his work at the court. He's an old
bachelor that enjoys a game of Chess with his colleague, Dr. Otto (Hans Nielsen), now and then. He's a kind spirit, a progressive,
who wants his teenage delinquents to have a chance to change their lives for the better.

In the film that is, as according to IMDB this prick Heinz Rühmann as the judge Bluhme refused to work with a homosexual actor

Above: Karin Baal at Court with Heinz Rühmann presiding (keep eye-contact ... don't look at her boobs)

When Bluhme's landlady Elisabeth needs a new maid for her pension he helps Inge Schumann getting the job and being released
from prison, and Inge gets a room at the pension close to the judge. (Note: YES, i admit that i wanted her to sneak into his room
and to seduce him, turning him into her sexual slave and drag him down into a life of shame, sacked from the court .... and doing
drugs too, in his old age. But NO, nothing like that happens, the man is a Saint, and i'm a sick puppy i guess, shameful of me.)

Then he seeks up Inge's earlier Bad Company in the Biker Gang and he talks with the tough guys ... and, does he get a beating,
No ? They listen to him and deep down they are just sweet kids. He's The Saint and everyone's happy. The End
This is not for cynical bastards as me and i must've missed the FSK sticker that said suitable for 12 years old, not 18 or X.
But OK Heinz Rühmann was good and Karin Baal was beautiful and Paul Verhoeven wasn't "that" Paul Verhoeven


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