De Palma (2016)

US Lion's Gate Blu-ray edition

The Fury - My Favourite De Palma film


WOW! Just an interview film with De Palma sitting in a chair and talking about his career and films .... for 107 minutes
and i LOVE it and i truly LOVE this great man for the film viewing pleasures he has given me/us through the years.

His films may not be not on my slightly highbrow 100 Best Films listing (see link on top of the Cult & Classics page)
were i had to rank films with a cineaste eye, but surely many of them would be on My For Real Favourite Films List
if i had one that is, and i will make such a list soon. Because, even though i may think Luis Buñuel's Los Olvidados and
Tarkovskij's Solaris are among the best films ever made they are not the films i watch again and again and yet again.
These films were made by directors like Brian De Palma, David Cronenberg, John Carpenter and Paul Verhoeven, and
then regarding the 3 first, their films made during 1970's and 1980's. The following is my personal views so don't be upset
if your assessment of their films differ. Below some films i re-watch when i can, from my collection or when shown on TV

John Carpenter's Golden Era: 1974 Dark Star - 1988 They Live

I love (almost) every film he made during this period, from the minimalistic sci-fi Dark Star to the funny
but underrated sci-fi action They Live .... "Hey, what's wrong baby?" .... ha, ha, ha! You know what i mean if you seen it.
As with De Palma and Cronenberg's films from this period they may at a first watch appear apparently a bit trashy and B
but that proved to be a false impression, as these films were works from highly skilled filmmakers at their height as artists.
That's why you watch them again and again and fascinates by them and also the director's couldn't match them later on.
Yes, John Carpenter is also a great composer of soundtracks and my favourite one is Prince of Darkness, haunting, mystic

David Cronenberg's Golden Era: 1975 Shivvers - 1986 The Fly

The scariest Cronenberg film? Shivvers (The Parasite Murders), Rabid, The Brood, Scanners, Videodrome
all dealt with bodies and tumours going berserk in unique canadian horror-thrillers. The Scariest thing - Yourself - Your Body

Brian De Palma's Golden Era: 1973 Sisters - 1984 Body Double

9 Incredible Films by De Palma in 1973-1984

Mindblowing, stylish and made in his unique style and with this unstoppable ENERGY and PULSE to them.
De Palma's big love of Cinema tint them maybe. The Fury i've seen countless of times and with that beautiful
soundtrack from John Williams, it just rolls over you like a tank. Amy Irving ... sigh ... my God i was in love with
her as a teenager when watching this a couple of times on a big cinema screen.
Phantom i also watched in a cinema when it premiered in Stockholm and then later at re-runs (Hornstullsbiografen)
and Sisters i watched at The Swedish Film Institute. Obsession and Carrie too, the latter a huge hit here in Sweden
and everywhere i suppose and Dressed to Kill, Blow Out, Body Double and Scarface too, on a big cinema screen.
Which of the films have i seen the most times? Probably The Fury or Scarface.

Well, back to the De Palma Interview film, and he just sits and talks about his films, about one after the other and as
a fan it's great to hear his many stories, BUT, you would like to hear more about each film really.
Apparently this was filmed in 2010 and 30 hours of footage was condensed into 107 minutes. A pity, i would've
liked to hear much more of the first part of his career, but probably you could find this stuff on the separate discs
of each film in interviews and commentary tracks etc.

widescreen 1.85:1, DTS-HD MA 5.1 english audio with english subtitles in bare bones edition, just some trailers
for some other films and a Digital Download. This Blu-ray was a US region locked A edition


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