Le Foto di Gioia / Delirium (Crímenes en portada, 1987)

Spain DVD edition at left and the old Shriek Show US DVD edition at the right

Yes, a rather late B-Giallo from 1987 with a somewhat poor reputation BUT i have to admit, and a bit shamefully, that i like it quite a lot
due to the Boobage factor and the unusual murder scenes. OK, i'm an old guy and would probably be called a pig by some, but with the
busty beauty of the Tinto Brass muse Serena Grandi and with the ditto of cute 1980's pop singer Sabrina Salerno i can easily get to forget
about some of the weaker elements of the film. Natural wonders.

Some other good things about the film besides the boobs on display are the murders which were quite inventive as the victims are seen
through the distorted vision of the killer. A woman with a head looking like a giant eyeball and another one having an insect head.
Besides having the beautiful Serena Grandi (i.a. in Tinto Brass "Miranda") in the main role as Gioia/Gloria (italian/english language version)
there are some well known genre names in it, as Daria Nicolodi, David Brandon, George Eastman/Luigi Montefiori and Capucine.
Yes, this giallo was a bit sleazy and trashy and often lacking in pace but still very entertaining. Lamberto Bava for sure was no art director
but he always entertained us and i liked this film just as much this time watching it in 2019 as in 2005 when i watched the Shriek Show DVD

Miss Denmark 1984, Trine Michelsen as Kim, the unlucky model and victim no.1 in this film

This giallo revolves around the owners of, and the models and people working for, a Mens magazine. Gloria (Grandi) is the owner of
the Pussycat magazine and lives in a big villa with a swimming pool. She has been in a car accident a year ago when her rich husband
died and she now runs the magazine with the help of editor Evelyn (Daria Nicolodi), photographer Roberto (David "Caligula 2" Brandon
and her brother Tony. One of the magazine models are Sabrina Salerno playing herself, and for all youngsters out there who didn't ex-
perience the glorious 1980's, Sabrina was a disco popstar and a rival to Samantha Fox in the field of plastic tacky music.

Sabrina Salerno, the 2nd victim attacked by a bee killer

David Brandon as photographer Roberto

Gloria's magazine has some troubles when her models start getting murdered by a maniac and as always in a giallo the question is
put - who's the killer? Could there be a twist answering this question?
Is it Evelyn, Gloria's friend and adviser, is it Mark (Karl Zimy) the handicapped guy bound to his wheelchair after an accident and
who spies on his busty neighbour all day long, is it Flora (Capucine) owner of a competing mens magazine, is it Roberto the photo-
grapher or is it even her boyfriend and lover Alex (George Eastman) ? Watching this film is great trashy fun

This Spanish DVD edition is presented in 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen with an english audio 2.0 (or with an italian audio without
english subs) no extras
The old US Shriek Show edition from 2004 or 2005 had anamorphic widescreen and a mono english audio, and as extras interviews
with Lamberto Bava, Luigi Montefiore and David Brandon (32 minutes), biographies, stills gallery and text essay "Inside Delirium"