Delirio Caldo / Delirium (1972)

Spain DVD edition

YES, a delightfully unhinged B giallo ... or maybe not, maybe this is an A giallo, i'm not sure as i'm unsure about if the director really meant
this film to be as hallucinatory as it is, or if it's sheer incompetence that's giving the film this surprise "quality". Well, anyway watching this
film was a wild entertaining ride. Great fun and thanks to Mickey Hargitay for his psychotronic performance. Veteran director and scriptwriter
Renato Polselli was the master behind this weird film and i would've loved to listen to an audio commentary, maybe the old US DVD had such
an extra, but i can't remember anymore. As i've written elsewhere on my Giallo pages, when the gialli dvd releases started to pour in some 15
years ago with the genre masterpieces by i.a. Argento, Fulci, Martino, Lado and Bava, you became somewhat spoiled and then when the
B gialli releases started to come i maybe met them with less respect than necessary. But today, when all the A gialli long since have been
released I maybe even prefer the B gialli films, the more strange, bizarre and unhinged one's.

I love Gialli and i'm happy as a child at christmas when i get the opportunity to see a new one. I would love to see every giallo-crime thriller
that has ever been made in Italy or Spain approx. between 1965-1985 (and the one's made in countries as Greece, Turkey and elsewhere too).

Mickey Hargitay as Dr. Herbert Lyutak, the impotent psychiatrist

Never seek shelter in a phone-booth when a slow-moving giallo killer is after you, better run, RUN!

The film starts with a man standing in a bar and looking creepily at a young woman. He's Dr. Herbert Lyutak (Hargitay) and he offers her
a ride in his car whereafter he kills her brutally in a shocking opening to this film. He chases her down into some mountain river with small
waterfalls and strangles her, another one in a series of killings plagueing the area, and maybe the doctor is the culprit behind them all ?
Dr. Herbert is a respected psychiatrist and assists the police with the investigation even though we know he's a psycho.

Rita Calderon as Marcia Lyutak

Marcia (Calderon) is the unhappy wife of Herbert. He's impotent and can't make love to her without torturing her, and she finds bloody
female clothing hidden in his secret box. Are there orgies going on in their house or is she hallucinating only ? Fantasizing due to
repressed sexuality or something ?

Tano Cimarosa as the sleuthing parking lot attendant, the actor in- and director of- the 1975 B-giallo "Il Vizio ha le calze nere"

The brutal and sleazy murders continues, a police woman is whipped and drowned and the nude-a-lot housemaid is assaulted too,
and the only one who has seen the perp is a parking lot attendant (Cimarosa) and he goes off sleuthing by himself.

So, Bad? No, a very entertaining watch this was. Bizarre, feverish and sometimes almost hallucinatory it has some pulse to it.
With a fine progressive soundtrack by Gianfranco Reverberi and some visual flavour.
Spanish DVD is presented in anamorphic widescreen 1.85:1 and an italian audio 2.0 with english subtitles


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