De Generazione (1994)

Italian Home Movies 2019 DVD edition

The Talented and lovely Asia Argento debuted as a film director with experimental short film "Prospettive" and can also be seen acting in
in this 1994 Italian collection of short films made by Italian indie film directors. The quality differs and some are not that good when others
are, just as with any anthology of short films, but i found it quite exotic to be able to see short films made by 1990's Italian indie directors,
the then coming generation of filmmakers. I've only heard of Asia Argento and Alex Infascelli among these directors.

The picture quality in some of the shorts were too dark (and maybe VHS transfer?) but these films were too obscure to be restored perhaps
or the film elements were damaged ? The films cover a wide array of genres as horror, vampire, sci-fi, arty, crime spoof, thriller

Asia in Squeak!

My 2 favourite shorts were Andrea Prandstraller's "India 21" and Eleonora Fiorino's "Finalmente insieme" but i also liked Asia's short but
surreally poetic "Prospettive" and somewhat liked Allesandro Valori's "Squeak!" and Alex Infascelli's "Vuoto a Rendere".

1. Intro short by Pier Giorgio Bellocchio, 2. Consegna a domicilio (Home Delivery) by Manetti Bros. where Asia can be seen in a small role
3. Just Another Vampire Story by Andrea Maulà with Stefano Abbati and Cesare Bocci (i didn't like these much, a so-so opening 3 films)
4. La TV fa male ai Bambini ? (Does TV Hurt Children ?) by Alberto Taraglio with Marco Carlaccini and Maria Livia Lucernari, where a young
girl alone at home is harassed by a demon TV: OK fun

5. Vuoto a rendere (Deposit Base) by Alex Infascelli with a strange dystopian short: Good - in 2000 he made his debut feature film with giallo
horror thriller "Almost Blue" followed in 2004 by the even better crime thriller "Il Siero della vanità (The Vanity Serum) read about these two
films on my Giallo & Eurocrime Page 1.

6. Prospettive (Prospects) by Asia Argento, young Asia's 1994 directing debut is a very short arty film, poetic surreal about a woman holding
an umbrella and flying away. Very short, but i liked it.

Asia, at this time 19 years old, had already acted in some films with a Dario Argento connection as Lamberto Bava's Demons 2 in 1986, Michele
Soavi's 1989 La Chiesa and in Dario directed Trauma in 1992, and also in a couple of Italian artmovies. Later in the 1990's she was about to act
in some more of her father's horror pictures, as

and but

unfortunately these were quite bad, but in 2000 she directed her great feature length film debut "Scarlet Diva" praised by critics and it's a
semi-autobiographical plunge into the chaotic world of actress/model Anna Battista.
Asia has continued to act in international films and also in her father's films of declining quality as the 2007 stinkeroo "La Terza Madre".


Back to De Generazione .... 7. Catene (Chains) by Antonio Antonelli,

8. India 21 by Andrea Prandstraller (also story and script) with Giorgio Tirabassi and the brief-case, and probably the best segment of the
anthology. A tired cab driver is about to quit for the night when a new customer has sneaked into his backseat and wants to be driven to
some address. It's a paying customer for sure .... but. Absurd and fascinating and Giorgio Tirabassi is great as the cabbie.

9. Finalmente insieme (Together at Last) by Eleonora Fiorini (also story and script) with Cesare Bocci and Maria Pia Calzone. Horror and
surrealism plus humour about the Pain couple, Paola and Gudi, tormenting themselves and suffering from really bad dreams.
Felt like a Buñuel inspired short film and i liked it. Strangely enough this was the only film Eleonora Fiorini directed

10. Squeak! by Alessandro Valori with Asia Argento as Lorna is a flimsical crime spoof about 3 rockers abducting a man from his car

The Italian DVD has an aspect ratio of 1.85:1 anamorphic wide and an italian audio DD 2.0 with english subtitles, region free. Extra is an
interview with co-producer and the director of Squeak! Alessandro Valori (15 minutes in italian without english subtitles)


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