Debbie Does Dallas (1978)

US VCX DVD edition


One of the most popular hardcore movies of all time.

The School Cheerleader team fronted by Debbie Benton (Bambi Woods) have a chance of being nominated the
Texas Cowgirls, but they don't have any money for the trip and the cost of hotel and food.
So, the cheerleader girls are getting extra jobs to get the money needed, and our Debbie starts working in Mr.
Greenfeld's clothing store, Roberta (Misty Winter) starts working in a lamp shop, other girls starts washing cars.

But, they earn too little and soon they finds out about another way to earn a lot of money, and quick, guess what.
Dirty Mr. Greenfeld (Richard Balla) fantasizes about having sex with Debbie all the time, and finally he promises
to pay for their whole trip if he can have her.

The US DVD presents the film in 4:3 original ratio and with an english mono audio