Death Walks on High Heels (La Morte cammina con i tachi alti, 1971)

UK Arrow Video Blu-ray edition

A very enjoyable whodunnit crime story with one of my Gialli genre favourites in it, the lovely Nieves Navarro or Susan Scott as the French
stripper Nicole Rochard. As a giallo from this period in time it had one atypicality and a one major impossibility.
Atypical was that J&B whisky wasn't used for drinking but instead some other brand i couldn't recognize, and typical was, as this film supposedly
takes place in England, that the british locals look distinctly mediterranean, and one murder was impossible to commit within the realms of our time
and space. The murder of the women on the bed as the killer had to remove lenses and change clothes and run from the room to the hallway in
6-7 seconds, impossible as it's shot in one take. If there had been a cut maybe there would've been enough time for the killer.

Parisian stripper Nicole Rochard (Scott) and her boyfriend Michel (Simon Andreau) has a meeting with the Paris Police. Her father, a safe-cracker
thief has been killed on a train on his way to Spain, and he's suspected of having committed a big diamond robbery prior to that.
The police suspects that he may have given her the loot to hide, and unfortunately, a blue-eyed razor wielding killer has the same conception.
Nicole wonders who the maniac can be and as she's not that sure about her boyfriend she dumps him and follows an older stripclub patreon of
hers, Dr. Robert Matthews (Frank Wolff) to England.

Reversible sleeve

He's married though, to the rich Vanessa (Claudie Lange, looks like an elder sister to Nieves Navarro) and as she's financing his Clinic the Doctor
won't take no risks and he hides her away at his villa at the sea. But, there's a strange caretaker (Luciano Rossi) and someone's spying on her with
binoculars, that's Captain Lenny (Charles Rigaud) and a woman dressed in black offers her money. Michel and the blue-eyed killer are looking
for her too, and soon there are murders. Beware of the nasty razor murder.

The film is presented in widescreen 2.35:1 and with italian or english audio with english subtitles
Extras: an audio commentary from the great Tim Lucas, From Spain with Love: interview with Luciano Ercoli and (his wife) Nieves Navarro (24
minutes, 2012, in italian and spanish with english subtitles), Master of Giallo: Ernesto Gastaldi interview (32 minutes), Death Walks to the Beat:
interview with Stelvio Cipriani (26 minutes), italian and english original trailer and with an introduction by screenwriter Ernesto Gastaldi


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