Death Laid an Egg (La Morte ha fatto l'uovo/Plucked/ Die Falle/A Curious way to Love, 1968)

UK Nucleus Films 2018 Blu-ray edition

So, finally i got to see this almost legendary Giallo and/or Eurocrime movie in a fine restored Blu-ray edition. There has always been people
talking about in horror and gialli forums, people who owned obscure VHS or DVD releases of it. Some hailing it and some claiming it to be
too arty for it's own good. Well, here it is presented by the (new?) british and very promising looking company Nucleus Films.

Yes, it's certainly a fascinating and experimental art crime thriller & giallo about murder schemes at a high-tech poultry farm, and with great
acting from Jean-Louis Trintignant and Gina Lollobrigida ... and our own Ewa Aulin in what must be her best screen performance.
Maybe, in the end, a bit too arty for the rather plain giallo-esque story, but the cinematography was great and the avant-garde type of soundtrack
by composer Bruno Maderna, sounding like nothing you've ever heard before, it really draws you into the film and i liked it a lot.
In the extras a soundtrack vinyl collector tells us that this film's ST is ultra-rare and worth a fortune. The sleeve with Godess Gina Lollobrigida
on it in a delightful pose may be the most alluring i've ever seen.

Death Laid an Egg is directed by the unconventional and slightly eccentric filmmaker Giulio Questi, the man behind the very offbeat western
Django, Kill! with Tomas Milian in 1967 (a review written in swedish on my Cult & classics page 2, spaghetti westerns) where Questi looks
like an Italian Alejandro Jodorowsky. An interview from 2009 is included in the extras on this Blu-ray disc and he seems to be a somewhat
intellectually proned person and filmmaker.

Ewa Aulin

The Film:

The film starts with an audio-visual attack on your senses, a man in a hotel room murders a woman stabbing her to death, and another man
listens through the wall, and this with amazing avant-garde electronic music blaring at you on the soundtrack. WTF is going on?
You feel a bit bewildered and the film has grabbed your attention, i like that and a great opening it is. A paranoia thriller is a coming ...

Marco (Jean-Louis Trintignant, during these years one of the most sought after actors in the world) is married to rich beauty Anna (Gina Lollo-
brigida) the owner of a modern mechanized poultry farm and with secret chicken embryo research about using mutations.
Anna's cousin Gabrielle (Ewa Aulin) lives with them and has a love affair with Marco, obviously not satisfied with being married to one of the
most beautiful women in the world (Gina).

But, when the Poultry Association gives Marco an assignment to come up with some new concept for advertising to promote poultry to the
public and gets a younger man (Jean Sobiesky), a publicity agent, as a helper things start to get troubled. Well, even more troubled that is as
Marco already is inclined to murder prostitutes in hotel rooms. A found piece of cloth with strange symbols on it, mutated chickens without
heads and who the heck is Luigi (Renato Romano) a maybe mentally ill man who claims to be an old friend to Marco ?
Yeah, WTF happened to Luigi? No one knows.

The film is presented in widescreen original aspect ratio 1.85:1 (according to, it's not stated on sleeve) with an english or
italian audio LPCM stereo with english subtitles. Region B. This is the fully restored director's cut 104 minutes version

A restored alternate Giallo edition 91 minutes of the film
Discovering Questi: James Blackford British Film Institute (20 minutes, 2017)
Sonic explorations: ST collector Lovely Jon about italian soundtracks and composer Bruno Maderna (23 minutes, 2017)
Audio commentary by Alan Jones and Kim Newman - yes, the 2 bores that ruined the commentary to Lady Frankenstein, but OK here as the
film with it's arty look suits these more highbrow horror film experts better
Questi, a conversation with (12 minutes, 2009), BBFC cuts, Antonio Bruschin review (5 minutes, who mentions a 110 minutes version?),
Promotion gallery, Home Video gallery, Craig Leadbetter's European Trash Cinema issue about the film,
English credits, German credits, English and Italian trailer, about the restoration


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