Day of the Cobra (Il giorno del Cobra / Polisman Cobra, 1980)

German Film Art 2019 Blu-ray edition

An OK Eurocrime crime action from B-action maestro Enzo G. Castellari, and usually the action scenes are the moments to enjoy
when watching his films. He had a knack of creating great action scenes with almost no budget and of using great miniatyres
when needed as special effects, a bridge, a house blowing up etc. A forgotten art today though with all the tiresome CGI used.

Cult actor Franco Nero plays an italian PD an ex-cop working in San Fransisco, USA, and one day an old colleague, Goldsmith
(William Berger) phones him with an offer. An important man in Genua, Italy, wants discreet help finding a man named Kandinsky.
Franco Nero plays the role of Lorenzo "Larry" Stanziani AKA The Cobra with Genua as his native city, and he accepts the offer.

Larry the Cobra and Lola

Kandinsky is an old adversary of Larry and his mission is to find the man in Genua and then to notify Goldsmith.
He meets his old friend Davide (Mario Maranzana) and his 10 year old son, and the clues leads him to the nightclub Astoria
owned by Kandinskys girlfriend Lola Alberto (Licinia Lentini) and where Brenda (Sybil Danning) works as a DJ,

Best: A surprise Kung Fu fight and a nice chase scene in the intro of the film
Worst: The sugary scenes with Lorenzo meeting his son (played by his real son) Nero looking idiotic chewing that damn gum

And, i actually liked the Theme song "I don't give a damn i'm the Cobra, no-one can tell me what to do ...". The singer had a
nice gravelly voice and it had a funky groovy beat to it. The script to this film was poorly written by the great Aldo Lado

The film is presented in widescreen 1.66:1 with an english audio LPCM mono 2.0, trailer, gallery, region B


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