Daughter (2015)

Hong Kong CN Entertainment edition DVD

Hong Kong by night; Mother and daughter

Text below written 2016-07-20

A Good Old Exorcist Horror, with Yanny Chan as Linda Blair, Father Wong as Father Merrin and Kara Hui as Ellen
Burstyn. Why? I've no idea, but it was pretty enjoyable if not great in any way. Kara Hui and Yanny Chan were good
and their relationship was much more interesting than the demonry, so maybe this should've been a family drama instead?
Kara Hui Ying-Hung has got a great face to stare at, a fine actress, and you feel bad for her when she goes through hell
in the house of ectoplasm. A Catholic Exorcist Horror, yes, but with the eastern karma thing to it

Yanny Chan Wing-Yan as the troubled Jenny

The Film starts strong with a terrified older woman seing her daughter fall to her death, and it's a dream scene emanating
from a session of psychiatric therapy led by Doctor Sharon Cheung (Kara Hui). Sharon, a successful psychiatrist with
a daughter herself, Jenny (Yanny Chan), and with clients from the richest stratosphere in Hong Kong. She lives with her
teenage daughter in an elegant modern house and she wants Jenny to be a popular socialite with a prospering future among
the rich and the beautiful, and maybe with a stinking rich husband too. So she takes Jenny to a upper class event and ...

Doctor Sharon tells her unruly daughter to behave: "... this banquet matters to my career and your future too ... don't go
crazy and don't make a scene". But, disaster strikes when young Jenny stands on a table and repeats the Pissing scene from
the Exorcist when Regan made a mess in front of the guests, but this time even worse as Jenny does it in front of the Hong
Kong high society. Kara Hui watches with horror and sorrow when their future goes down the drain, and her humiliation
is gripping to see (pic above). Great acting from Kara Hui, and even better than this film deserves really, she's a class
actress and deserves a better script than the one the incompetent screenwriters handed her in this film.

.... The Power of Christ compels you! Says Father Merr .... eeh, Father Wong

Poor Doctor Sharon soon looses all her clients due to the scandal. If she can't cure her own daughter, she can't cure
her clients either, and she isolate herself in their home. When the kind neighbour Mia (Yu Miao) says she has seen a
child ghost follow the doctor around, there's time to call in some heavies, Father Wong (Kenny Wong) of the Catholic
Church, a crucifix and a lot of holy water. Who's the demon girl? Will this film end happy for poor Sharon and Jenny?
Anamorphic wide, cantonese audio 5.1 with english subtitles (and a mandarin version 5.1), trailer, teaser, gallery


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