Hong Kong DVD edition in widescreen with japanese audio DTS 6.1 and with english subtitles

When I had my DVD Shop in the early 2000's this film were one of my big sellers, and everyone liked it.
Hideo Nakata really showed us that his success with world wide Super Hit Ringu wasn't a coincidence.
The film was made during "The New Japanese Golden Era" (about 1995-2005, my definition) when the
Japanese film industry exploded with innovative and delirious greatness. Nothing could go wrong.

"Dark Water" is a really strong and very atmospherical opressively dark horror movie about a poor
mother and her daughter who have moved into a damp and nasty apartment, a place with bad Karma
and loads of ectoplasm.

This film, yes, this film too was re-made in Hollywood in an unwanted copy, but with a fine actress
as the mother, the great Jennifer "Phenomena" Connelly. The Re-make sucked though. Crap.


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