Cry of a Prostitute (Quelli che contano, 1974)

US Code Red Blu-ray edition - Region A stated on sleeve


Trashmaster Andrea Bianchi gives us a ... somewhat trashy B Eurocrime about mobster turf war in Palermo, Sicily.
But it's very entertaining with tons of violence and some sleaze, the latter provided by the great Barbara Bouchet
who steals every scene she's in, and Henry Silva is harder than hard as a mobster killer. Like Charles Bronson or
Yul Brunner with a face as if carved out of rock.
Andrea Bianchi may be most famous for his Etruscan zombies and the legendary sweet family couple MariAngela
Giordano and Peter The Freak Bark in 1981 "Burial Ground", but he could do mobster action and other things too.

When i first watched this film some 15 years ago the DVD presentation was so abominable that i just couldn't enjoy
it very much, with a cropped 4:3 fullscreen ratio and poor picture quality. Finally this fun film can be watched in
pristine quality in a 2017 scan from the original negative and with extensive color correction (the DVD sleeve says).

Above: The Old US trash edition DVD in mono english dub and with biographies

The Story:

A heroin shipment with the stuff hidden in a dead child's body has been caught by the police and the mob families of
the Cosa Nostra aren't happy as this crude smuggling method using a childs body is against their family honors.
The tensions among the mobsters are rising and Don Cashemi (Vittorio Sanipoli) sends his US trained hitman Tony,
Antonio Aniante (Henry Silva) to Palermo, Sicily to manage his business there, to help Don Turi Scannapieco (Mario
Landi) and his family against the Don Ricuzzo Cantimo, Rico (Fausto Tozzi) family in their vendetta-like smuggling war.

But Rico (a fine Fausto Tozzi) tries too make Tony to cross sides in the smuggling turf war and a bait could be Tony's
american ex-prostitute wife Margie (Barbara Bouchet) and she gives a delightful sluttish performance, and she could be
the only slightly likeable person in this film as everyone else are psycho scum.
Well, she's mistreated in a bad way when Tony brutally rapes her. Tony is a misogynist Pig. Barbara Bouchet gives
a great performance as the damaged ex-hooker and she's truly one of the great Eurocrime actresses of the 1960's-70's.

You can almost feel the heat of the Sicilian summer and Tony sweats profusely all through the film with giant sweat
stains showing on his shirts. Tony is a violent man, a very violent man, who uses a steamroller to run over two of his
victims (is this a H. G. Lewis movie?) and he likes to whip a woman before he rapes her - he's not likeable at all.

One of Don Turi Scannapieco's sons, the muscular one, is played by Pietro Torrisi that once was Mr. Universe, and
he's a guy you recognize in many a very small part in Italian movies, as i.a. in the Pam Grier and Margaret Markov
female gladiator trash masterpiece "The Arena" and he acted in 138 films says IMDB.

This is not a Poliziotteschi but a Eurocrime Mafia Action, and a highly enjoyable such. I would even consider it the
my favourite Andrea Bianchi movie.

This crisp Blu-ray presents the film in 2.35:1 widescreen with an english audio dub DTS-HD MA 2.0 and with only
the US original trailer and the US opening credits as extras

Andrea and Mario Bianchi - related ?

Regarding the Bianchi's it took me until 2020-07-28 to finally grasp that the Bianchi's were namesakes only and not related.
Andrea (1925-2013) and Mario (born 1939 and still alive when writing this), had the same family name and made the same type
of Euro Trash Cinema (with the difference that Mario made a lot of porno movies .... and often with swedish actress Marina
Hedman in them) so i guess others have made the same mistake as i did. OK, they may not have been brothers but they were
surely The Kings of Euro Trash film, The Namesake Brothers.
Eeeh, sorry, Andrea actually made some adult films too, i see now in the latter stages of his directing career, and with Marina
Hedman in some too. So, it's perfectly understandable that one mistakes them being brothers or related in some other way.


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